Destiny 2 resolves to ‘get back up’ as it confirms Season of the Wish for November 28


A common refrain heard in the story missions of Destiny 2 is “Eyes up, Guardian” – a call to stand once again after being waylaid by challenge, loss, or tragedy. Bungie’s community team appears to be taking that message to personal heart in its weekly newsletter as it acknowledges the difficulties facing the studio following corporate-induced team layoffs and studio executives’ wild revenue projections miss last week.

“This week in Destiny, we get back up,” the newsletter opens. “We will continue to give it our all, and we have confidence that The Final Shape will be an expansion everyone will want to experience. […] As tough as these past few weeks have been, we’re as determined as ever to make Destiny 2 the best game it can be for our players.”

That stiff upper lip leads into further reveals for the next season, called Season of the Wish, which will be releasing on Tuesday, November 28th. The rest of the post takes an extremely close dive at this season’s variety of PvP updates, such as the return of a 3v3 quickplay playlist, a new 6v6 quickplay playlist, updates to matchmaking that utilizes a Glicko-gased “confidence” system, and reward updates for Trials of Osiris and competitive mode.

Other features detailed for the Season of the Wish is the reveal of a new sword ritual weapon to chase and a list of weapons that are being added to and removed from activity pools. More details are likely to come in the weeks leading up to Season of the Wish, but for now players (especially PvPers) can look ahead in brief.

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