Official Site: Destiny
Studio: Bungie/Activision
Launch Date: September 9, 2014
Genre: Sci-Fi third-person shooter
Business Model: B2P (Cash Shop, DLC)
Platform: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Destiny 2 shows off the new supers coming in The Final Shape and keeps fighting crafted weapon glitches

Every expansion of Destiny 2 brings new supers to the game's three classes, but since there won't be any new element in The Final...

Destiny 2 wrestles with overpowered crafted weapons and DDoS attacks

The Guardians of Destiny 2 are generally written as powerful space wizards who wield magical abilities and unique firearms to take down galactic threats,...

Destiny 2 announces plans to completely remove legendary shards currency from the game

Legendary shards are one of those currencies that Destiny 2 players can either have too much of or not enough of, and that can...

Destiny 2 opens threads for PvPer input, tests new PvP modes, and promises PvP playlist restructuring

PvP players in Destiny 2 are very often the sort to have opinions, so in order for Bungie to leverage that input without exposing...

Destiny 2 outlines new missions and features designed to help new and returning players

As Destiny 2 moves towards its Final Shape expansion, it becomes even more apparent that there are a lot of vague narrative details that...

Destiny 2 reintroduces Crota’s End raid, readies another Iron Banner, and heralds Stasis focus for Season 23

Most of the stuff coming out of Destiny 2 for the week is primarily returning content, as the FPS reopened the Crota's End raid...

Lineage II brings back the Red Libra Merchants and their unique wares until September 12

When is a merchant not just a merchant? When it looks like a cat bunny, of course. Also, it's when the merchant sells things...
The eternal.

Massively Overthinking: What makes you embarrassed to be an MMORPG player?

A week or two ago, the MOP writers were chatting about people flipping tables over River Hobbits in Lord of the Rings Online (sigh)...

Destiny 2’s The Final Shape arrives February 27, 2024, as season 22 launches today

Bungie is pushing onward with Destiny 2's next chapter: This afternoon during its Twitch broadcast, the studio took the wraps off The Final Shape,...

Bungie and Destiny 2 players empower relief for Hawaii with fundraising campaign

Bungie and the Destiny 2 playerbase have formally joined the effort to aid Hawaii following devastating wildfires earlier this month. "Last week devastating wildfires fueled...

Ankama’s Waven has officially entered early access today – and it’s F2P too

Ankama's new multiplayer title Waven has been a long time coming, but as of today, it's officially joined the ranks of free-to-play early access...
Siri play Chariots of Fire.

Destiny 2 director promises more PvP maps and expanded PvP playlist modes after facing player backlash

The PvPers of Destiny 2 were not happy whatsoever with the latest state of the game letter from director Joe Blackburn, who says that...

Destiny 2 outlines Season 22’s exotics buffs – and Arc Titan and Strand’s suspend effect nerfs

While last week brought a general overview of Season 22's updates for Destiny 2, this week has a more granular look at what's changing...

Destiny 2 has a new Commander Zavala following the untimely death of Lance Reddick

The tragic death of actor Lance Reddick hit the Destiny 2 community hard this past spring, as Reddick was not only a hardcore player...

Destiny 2 deep-dives Season 22 as Bungie pursues cheat seller ring in court

With the current Season of the Deep now having roughly three weeks left to it, Destiny 2 is looking to the season ahead to...

Glorbo lives on thanks to the mischievous scamps in the Destiny 2 community

Here's a copycat we're more than happy to see: The Destiny 2 fanbase now has a Glorbo of its own, doing good works in...

SSG opens preorders for Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Vecna Unleashed

Dungeons and Dragons Online's update 60 has launched today, but never mind all that: Buy Vecna Unleashed! You think I'm kidding, but that's pretty...

The Stream Team: Stepping into the Solstice celebration of Destiny 2

The Solstice of Heroes event is happening in Destiny 2 right now, which means it's time for MOP's Chris to strap on his Warlock...

The Daily Grind: Does playing MMOs with your kids ever frustrate you?

I love my kids, and I love that my kids are growing up to be smart and healthy people and gamers, but man, there...

Destiny 2 brings back its annual Solstice of Heroes event until August 8

The time has come once again for Destiny 2 Guardians to look forward to a brighter future... by protecting bonfires and shooting enemies in...