Nexon’s co-op looter-shooter The First Descendant has officially launched today


It’s launch day for Nexon’s The First Descendant, a word I still manage to misspell even after covering this game for at least the last three years – you remember, back when it was still codenamed Project Magnum. Well, it’s fully here today, a large-scale first-person multiplayer looter-shooter, with lots of Destiny 2 and Warframe vibes and a co-op nature that ought to make it palatable for MMORPG players too.

“The First Descendant transports players to the continent of Ingris, where they will fight against giant Colossi and the Vulgus alien invaders for the survival of humans. Fans can experience a breathtaking story through various missions to grow stronger and slowly uncover the Descendants’ hidden secret. The First Descendant offers a unique and beautiful atmosphere through high-quality fields developed within Unreal Engine 5 where players can gain a new perspective of reality and fantasy coexisting in one place.”

The game arrives today – free-to-play, mind you, on PC/Steam, PS4/5, Xbox One/X|S, and even NVIDIA GeForce Now. The launch period will see a pre-season and introduction to the battlepass, followed by the first post-launch update, first season update, and then Season 1 Invasion in August with a new Descendant and fresh content. The cadence beyond that is a new season roughly every quarter.

We’ve managed to score several hands-on efforts with the game this summer already; you can check out Chris’ Stream and Andrew’s SGF impressions and interview to see whether it’ll be worth your download. Happy launchums!

Source: Official site, Steam, press release
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