Major Korean studio famed in the west for Mabinogi and Maplestory, among many other MMOs.

Vindictus pits players against a vampire gardener raid boss

After taking a brutal and unexpected axe to all of its PvP systems earlier this year, Vindictus is looking to shore up that self-inflicted...

Mabinogi opens a new microsite that details the MMO’s upgrade to Unreal Engine 5

Unreal Engine 5 seems to be the bees knees among game devs, especially those who are looking to upgrade their existing games to the...

MapleStory’s Strawberry Farm Festival is the most spring thing you can do this winter

Just because there are arctic blasts, frost on the trees, and mysterious frozen white powder falling from the sky doesn't mean that you can't...

Warhaven puts out a new character, new pre-season, and Valentine’s Day event ahead of April sunset

Warhaven is still a multiplayer title that's headed for a sunsetting in April, but you probably wouldn't know that judging by the game's content...

Q4 2023: Nexon, Krafton, and Roblox all posted soaring revenues in 2023

Welcome back to another MMO business roundup - this one all about financials for some of the companies we keep an eye on 'round...
Just barely avoided this fate.

Perfect Ten: The MMO franchises that can’t count past two

Back in the day, there was a running joke about how Capcom had shown with Street Fighter that the company could not count higher...

MapleStory’s new patch brings strawberry farm activities, server UI tweaks, and Burning World character transfers

Usually when I think about strawberry farms, I think about the spring or summer seasons. That mental association isn't going to stop MapleStory from...

Nexon’s preliminary injunction against Dark and Darker was dismissed, but the lawsuit presses on

One of last year's more distinct stories was related to the medieval fantasy PvPvE extraction RPG Dark and Darker and megacorp Nexon: Readers may...

MapleStory KR begins beta testing adjustments to the meso economy that stir worries among NA fans

Mesos make the MapleStory world go 'round being the primary in-game currency that they are, but apparently a few faucets for those shiny gold...
this is so sad play... well, you know

Nexon is shutting down its multiplayer medieval war game Warhaven in April

You may not have thought much about Warhaven this week prior to reading our PvP columnist Sam Kash's take on the game's current state...

Vindictus welcomes Master Swordsman Sou hero as it sunsets its PvP modes

Well hello there, Vindictus - I'd say it's been a while, but actually it hasn't, as Nexon popped out several new characters in 2023...

SoulWorker hands publishing duties off to Valofe ‘for its continued enhancement and maintenance’

SoulWorker is another one of those action MMOs that has had a history of being passed about more frequently than a football: The game's...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 454: MMO roadmap roundup

Justin and Bree discuss the 2024 roadmaps for Lord of the Rings Online, Lost Ark, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, EVE Online, Elder Scrolls Online, New World, EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Wayfinder, with adventures in LOTRO, FFXIV, and City of Heroes.

The Daily Grind: How much do you think the whales of your top MMO spend in a year?

A few weeks back, following Korea's Fair Trade Commission ordering Nexon to pay nearly $9M in fines over its deceptive gamble-upgrade mechanics, players went...
Yeah, we're boned.

MapleStory’s early 2024 roadmap includes server reorganization and a big change to the Beast Tamer

Joining all of the other MMO roadmaps appearing this month is Nexon's MapleStory, which delivered a preview of its first two updates for Q1...

Warhaven’s latest patch delivers 12v12 battle map, Welcome to Hangar

The second pre-season of the early access PvP battler Warhaven is continuing to rumble forth with more new goodies for players to get in...

Nexon Korea hosts ’emergency livestream’ over recent MapleStory cube manipulation fine

Last week we reported on a fine levied by Korea's FTC against Nexon Korea, which was found to be manipulating the probability of earning...

Nexon’s Vindictus is killing off all of its PvP systems in two weeks

Nexon action MMORPG Vindictus went through a period of relative quiet around 2020, but it's been putting out regular updates for the last couple...

MassivelyOP’s Weirdest MMO Stories of 2023: Weirdest Thing an MMO Company Sent Me This Year

We're finishing out our traditional countdown of MassivelyOP's weirdest MMORPG stories of the year! Coming in at #1 on our list is… Literally a Can of...

Korea’s FTC fines Nexon $8.9M over MapleStory’s deceptive gear upgrade probabilities

Care for a little smile to start off this first week of 2024? Then feast your eyes on a hefty $8.9M (₩11.6M) fine levied...