NCsoft’s MMORPG Throne and Liberty launches December 7 – in Korea


During its presentation for Korean fans last night, NCsoft announced quite a bit for Throne & Liberty – including the Korean launch window coming up fast on December 7th. (Amazon’s global version is still expected next year.)

The launch showcase previewed the game’s revamped combat, weather effects, PvE and PvPvE content, UI changes, multiple large-scale regions and cities, guild growth, and the quashing of lockboxes. Needless to say, the game looks nothing like the Lineage Eternal we were waiting for a decade ago.

The Korean version will also feature a cadence of three updates a year, each anchored by a pair of battle passes that offer the typical range of cosmetics and perks and currencies. The T&L subreddit has made note of a few problematic announcements, like possible P2W pets and design tilts toward big guilds and powerleveling, but whether any of that makes it into the global/western version is still anybody’s guess.

If you happen to be in Busan on November 18th, make sure you swing by the NCsoft booth and stage at G-Star, as the studio will be presenting a demo for three different types of dungeon content (solo, party, and raid), along with raffles and pre-registration hoopla.

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