Tarisland previews Dark Invasions and World Bosses for its next playtest


Are you tired of thinking about multiverses yet? Tarisland sure hopes not, because its next playtest will feature the zones flagged by the Dark Invasion system, and that’s all about the multiverse. Some zones get corrupted by dark forces in possible alternate versions (which look like the same area but dark and on fire) and players can take these areas on to earn big rewards. Maybe even the ultimate rewards. What those ultimate rewards may be is not specified, so we assume it is a corn dog but, like, a really good one.

The next test phase will also include World Bosses, which… well, if you’ve played an MMO with world bosses before you can probably guess how this will go down. There is a big scary thing. If you help beat the big scary thing in the open world, you will get stuff as a reward for beating the big scary thing. All of this is coming to the game soon, so if these were the features you were waiting to see in Tarisland, your ship has come in. Or it will come in soon, anyhow.

Source: Official Site; thanks to George for the tip!
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