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Fighting Fighters Who Fought

Albion Online explains the big changes coming to PvP with the newest season

Don't you love when developers give you a choice? Albion Online has done that with its latest official dispatch, providing a video you can...
Sure, why not.

World of Warcraft explains the Threads of Fate system in Shadowlands

The basic flow of zones in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is fixed. You start out in Bastion and finish up in Revendreth by...
It makes you go.

Star Trek Online lets Klingons fly the new and improved Titan

If you haven't yet watched Star Trek: Lower Decks... well, what are you waiting for? But if you have, you'll know that there's an...
Oh, readable.

RuneScape’s latest patch is all about improved tooltips for abilities

You'll notice a lot of changes for the tooltips of combat abilities in RuneScape with the latest patch. The bright side is that...

Skyforge is playable on the newest console generation via cross-generation play

Were you considering picking up a PlayStation 5, but didn't want to lose your progress in Skyforge? That's... kind of an odd decision, but...

Neverwinter is retiring Bonding Runestones and making changes to companions

How well does item level match to actual player power in Neverwinter? Not well enough, at least according to the way developers see it,...
Venting prevents ex-plo-si-on.

EVE Online is getting some changes to torpedoes with its next update

When you fire a torpedo in EVE Online you would like it to have a notable impact. You are firing at a ship with...
oh no skellingtons

World of Warcraft kicks off the Shadowlands expansion event following maintenance today

We hope you haven't gotten your fill of spooky scary skeletons from World of Warcraft just yet, because the Shadowlands pre-expansion event kicks...
Welcome to funky town.

Final Fantasy XIV outlines the changes coming to tomestones in patch 5.4

The penultimate patch for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is coming in early December, and that means players will be dealing with a...
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EVE buffs up the Encounter Surveillance System to encourage player fighting even after taking out PvE bounties

The upcoming new Dynamic Bounty System for EVE Online gives players a reason to fight PvE pirates and earn bounties, with the game's...

Whatever happened to Valve’s digital card game Artifact?

Valve's digital card game Artifact launched in much the same way that the Soviet R-16 test-launched at Baikonur. Since then, back in...
All right, did anyone prepare to defend the fort?

Early access MMO Atlas adds sea forts with its latest patch

Do you want to control trade in an area in Atlas? Well, you'll have to wait for the full trading system to be added...
Half man. Half beard. Another half beard.

Final Fantasy XIV interviews main scenario writer and lore director Banri Oda

Every single interview with the Final Fantasy XIV development team makes it clear that the people working on this game have a deep and...
How are you even like this

World of Warcraft players are embracing the new leveling challenge of reaching level 50 without a spec

The launch of the pre-patch for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has brought with it an entirely new way to level via each individual expansion...
All is vanity.

Conan Exiles is testing its next patch, and it is all about crafting and customization

What is best in life, Conan Exiles? Is it to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their...
henlo lizert

Final Fantasy XIV bans gilselling accounts as its free login event rolls out

Gilselling, also known as goldselling, also known as RMT, also known as "that thing you're not allowed to do in most games and especially 

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands rearranges soulbinds and alters the Renown UI

Players might be a little bit bored in World of Warcraft right now aside from leveling alts. But have no doubt, Shadowlands is on...

Path of Exile previews its next Heist patch with bug fixes and QOL improvements

The next noteworthy patch for Path of Exile should be deployed soon, and it's all about the Heist league (as is usual for...
Everywhere everywhere.

Skyforge is now available on Geforce Now from Nvidia

The developers behind Skyforge have heard of exclusivity to specific platforms and they seem to think it's nonsense, because the game is everywhere. PC...
oh no skellingtons

World of Warcraft honors Reckful with a new Rogue trainer

It was a big deal when World of Warcraft streamer and esports star Reckful passed away this summer, with large parts of the game's...