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Bitcraft explains the precise mechanics of starting and maintaining an Empire

A SCENE UNFOLDING IN BITCRAFT POST-LAUNCH: Exemplar: "Good people of this settlement, I am Exemplar, your emperor!" Costello: "Well I didn't vote for you." Exemplar: "I -...
doin a yell

World of Warcraft launches the pre-patch for The War Within on July 23

On July 23rd, World of Warcraft will be patched with the prelude to the upcoming The War Within expansion, and players will immediately experience...
choom choom choom

Players are building a multiplayer mod for Cyberpunk 2077

We all remember how at one point Cyberpunk 2077 was meant to have a multiplayer mode, right? It's the only reason we covered the...
going so fast like a... whatever

Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail peak player concurrency has apparently topped even Endwalker’s

In case you were still wondering whether Final Fantasy XIV's Dawntrail was a hit with MMORPG gamers, wonder no more, as apparently the game...
Twee leet.

Villagers & Heroes opens up the Twilight Vale for its midsummer event

It's time for players of Villagers & Heroes to take a trip to the Twilight Vale because the zone is open once again. That...
Ah yes, seagulls, that makes sense.

Sand studio explains the extraction shooter’s premise in a new official post

Do you greatly enjoy sand's relative coarseness, its rough texture, and its ability to get everywhere? This is the correct way of thinking! No...

Embers Adrift adds a Ley Pylon to Newhaven City and fixes damage effects

Players in Embers Adrift have long wanted a Monolith in Newhaven City. (It's a specific game structure, not the monolith from 2001: A Space...

Final Fantasy XIV posts the preliminary patch notes for Dawntrail

There are just a couple of days remaining before Final Fantasy XIV players will be heading on a boat to reach the land of...

Final Fantasy XI rolls out a new version update with new commands, new icons, and a new shield

For far too long, Final Fantasy XI has suffered from the fact that you can log into the game and not be immediately granted...
Doc. I wanna kill.

Kickstarted tiny MMO Book of Travels has launched its promised combat revamp

What is the best thing in Book of Travels? Is it to break your enemy, see him driven before you, and hear the lamentations...
meaty gear

Black Desert adds lifeskill gear upgrades while the mobile version gets a new region

For players of Black Desert Mobile, today's update is going to provide a whole lot of fun stuff within the new Donghae Province. Are...
i want to be king now mummy

BitCraft outlines the Empire system coming in its second alpha as a main source of monetization

The good news is that anyone can be the emperor in BitCraft's Empire system, which will be available for testing within the game's second...
You let me down, man.

The Daily Grind: What was an MMO system you liked better in the beta?

More often than not, the beta defense is deployed for MMOs when they're in testing to defend janky and unpleasant systems. Sometimes, this is...
HROTHGAR MAKE... er... iPad.

Final Fantasy XIV launches its promotional site for Dawntrail – here are all the new pics!

At the time of this writing, there is less than a month to go until Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion, Dawntrail, enters early access....

WoW Classic Cataclysm patch notes are up ahead of tonight’s prepatch launch

So we've been over the fact that World of Warcraft fans will find that WoW Classic is rolling plenty of hashtag ch-ch-ch-changes into Cataclysm...
don't you have phones

World of Warcraft is retiring the Companion App as it looks forward to the Cataclysm Classic conversion

If you're still salty about being asked this ages ago, don't worry, World of Warcraft fans. Blizzard no longer cares if you have a...
is that a monkey?

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG with level scaling handles it worst?

Considering the fact that every MMORPG is in a war of content basically forever, I say it makes sense that they would embrace level...

Albion Online shares its full schedules for Season 23 – including the plan for Albion Europe

For those of you who long to begin the blood-drenched path to mastery with Albion Online's Season 23, you should know that the path...
Take me to wherever this is.

World of Warcraft opens beta signups for The War Within

The hour of testing has arrived for World of Warcraft's next expansion... well, sort of. The hour of signing up for the hour of...
Grats, I guess.

World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery launches Phase 3 on April 4

You certainly can't fault the World of Warcraft team with failing to keep up a content cadence over the past few weeks. The WoW...