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No time to re-evaluate the situation, too much plowing ahead making everything worse to do!

Star Trek Online patches in the new Event Campaign system for a Tier 6 ship

Tier 6 ships are not precisely rare in Star Trek Online, but they sure can be expensive. The new Event Campaign system in...
Haha whoops.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite improves Chamber UI and storage options with patch 2.5

Yes, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is still a thing. The game is still running, and it's even updating. The latest major update is...
It can't be fixed, our time was going to be devoted to fixing it.

Path of Exile outlines further fixes moving through the halfway mark of Blight league

Here's the bad news for Path of Exile: The developers aren't planning on holding some sort of community event in the Blight league simply...
I'm sure this is fine.

Bless Unleashed announces combat changes arriving to the first open beta

The upcoming open beta for Bless Unleashed has a fair bit riding on it, since this really-not-the-original-game-we-promise title doesn't exactly have an unblemished legacy...
We're the good guys this week, right? No? Well, we're going anyway.

Rumor: Riot is working on an anime and digital card game based on League of Legends

Are you ready to explore the rich lore of Runeterra? Because you - wait, what do you mean "what the heck is a Runeterra?"...

Final Fantasy XIV outlines the changes coming to the game’s performance system in patch 5.1

It'd be nice enough if Final Fantasy XIV had a system for musical performances that was just dropped in the game and then functionally...

Final Fantasy XIV previews its site for patch 5.1 and the All Saints’ Wake event

It's time for a whole lot of reveals for Final Fantasy XIV, starting with the special site for patch 5.1 having gone up....
Daunting with myself, oh oh.

Dauntless has patched in frame rate uncapping and aether striker balance tweaks today

Do you get deeply upset when games don't allow you to reach FPS counts in the high hundreds, never mind whether or not your...
Good grief.

EVE Online previews its October patch and releases its monthly economic report

The October release approaches swiftly for EVE Online, with the update scheduled for October 8th (in the wee hours of the morning for...
The vista

WoW Classic continues un-layering layered servers, video examines WoW Classic’s meaningfulness

Blizzard continues to shut down layering across various realms in World of Warcraft: Classic, with another batch having deactivated the intentionally temporary...
Bap-a-dap-daaaa, daaa, dap-a-bap-daaaaaa ~♪

Star Wars: The Old Republic reaches final phase of Onslaught testing, previews Mercenaries and Commandos

It's the final countdown over on the Star Wars: The Old Republic's test server, or more accurately, the final test phase. Yes, there's still...
Not pictured: condor, bounty.

Red Dead Online offers a new legendary bounty for the Owlhoot family

It's time to hunt yourself a new bounty in Red Dead Online with the addition of the legendary Owlhoot family. This group of...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offers the best non-combat PvP?

PvP is about more than just getting into the dirt with your opponent and seeing who drops first. Sure, it frequently is exactly that, and...
Oh no, evidence!

Hearthstone makes plans for more events, more shakeups, and quest improvements

With the third chapter of the Tombs of Terror campaign rolling out, Hearthstone is giving players a chance to peek behind the...
No time to re-evaluate the situation, too much plowing ahead making everything worse to do!

Star Trek Online’s patch today continues adjusting patrols rewards

Here's the bad news for today's patch in Star Trek Online: The Delta patrol missions will be providing less experience at the end of...

Fallout 76 kicks off another cleanup project while planning for 2020

The Meat Week has returned in Fallout 76, but players can already look ahead to the next part of cleaning up Appalachia starting...

Wakfu’s latest update, the Return of the Thirsters, is now live

If you play Wakfu but don't follow the associated animated series, you might just think that "Return of the Thirsters" sounds like a vaguely...
Wake-up bomb.

Black Desert Online previews a quartet of upcoming Awakenings for the PlayStation 4

On September 24th players who enjoy Black Desert Online on PlayStation 4 will get a wake-up call with the introduction of Awakenings. Fans already...
Daunting punch.

Dauntless previews the punchy nature of Aether Strikers

Go ahead and get your falcon punch memes out of your system because the newest weapon in Dauntless is going to let you...
Multi-digit division.

The Division 2 releases a sweeping set of balance changes on its test server

The next major patch for The Division 2 is scheduled for release in October, which means that the game is running out of...