New World’s latest big bug allows more than five players to enter an expedition


When I decided to hop into the Amrine Excavation expedition as part of Choose My Adventure’s return to New World, it turned out that a high-level player or two ended up making the whole dungeon run wildly unfocused and chaotic – and not in the fun way. Apparently there’s a new bug within the MMO that reads like it’s adding fresh (and decidedly more fun) chaos to these expeditions, as players have managed to figure out how to get more than five people into these instances.

So far players have shared a screenshot as well as a livestreamer clip that shows how this thing is possible, while another streamer’s clip offers up a taste of the bug in action as seven players absolutely steamroll their way through the Empyrean Forge.

Amazon Games is obviously aware of the bug and says it is hard at work on a fix, but in the meantime the studio is warning players away from using this bug, as it’s being considered an exploit under the MMO’s TOS and so players will be punished accordingly – an announcement that doesn’t appear to be going over well with many of the game’s fans. In any event, perhaps hold off on entering a dungeon for a little while.

sources: Reddit, Twitch (1, 2), Twitter
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