this is why we can’t have nice things

The real problem with this genre is the fact that humans play it. Here’s some of the worst stuff they’ve done.

Bungie devs face the ‘soul-crushing’ pressure of financial targets, a Sony takeover, and threat of more layoffs

It's already been reported that life within Destiny 2 and Marathon developer Bungie is extremely unhappy in the wake of recent layoffs and the...

Tree of Savior gets a new Pontifex class… and stuffs its unlock into a lootbox

Tree of Savior is most definitely not hurting for classes as a quick look on its site can attest, but as of this week's...
How's the atmosphere.

Star Trek Online now has third-party ship model NFTs as new Cryptic boss DECA opens hiring

Remember back when Star Trek Online announced that it was ending its six-year partnership with GamePrint, bringing to an end the service that allowed...
Dark down.

EVE Online players have formed a new corporation led by ChatGPT

It's said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, so why trust all of the power of an EVE Online corporation to one human when you...

Destiny 2 swiftly stops sales of a baffling Starter Pack after players drag Bungie for the bundle

What do you think would be included in a Starter Pack for Destiny 2? Do you envision some currency? Perhaps access to an expansion...

Diablo IV surveys suggest Vessel of Hatred bundles will sell early access to ‘functional items’ and stash tabs

While Diablo IV's Vessel of Hatred expansion isn't expected until sometime later next year, Blizzard has decided to apparently burn some goodwill early. According...

Unity ejects Weta Digital from its portfolio and lays off 265 more employees

In the frantic race to the bottom in 2023, Unity is pushing hard to cross the finish line first. The former game engine darling...

Diablo IV receives a sudden wave of positive reviews on Steam by suspected bot accounts

There are some strange things going on at the Steam page of Diablo IV. According to the eagle eye of a Redditor by the...

CCP Games’ EVE Online-adjacent blockchain game Project Awakening confirms a December 6 playtest

Back in March we reported that CCP Games had begun development of Project Awakening, a blockchain game set within the EVE Online universe. The...

EverQuest players are raising the alarm over an economy-crushing dupe exploit

The EverQuest community is up in arms over what's being perceived as a meager response to a major problem that has reportedly crashed...
Fine. Sure.

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore loses 17,000 player accounts in ransomware hack

Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore is currently on track to emerge from 2023 as one of the most battered and bruised MMORPGs on the market....

Fractured Online suffers a nasty admin hack that sees every player city in the game wiped out

The relaunched early access world of Fractured Online has suffered something of an apocalypse as Dynamight Studios CEO Jacopo Gallelli reported on Discord early...

MapleStory addresses uproar over Sol Erda energy caps in New Age

Nexon's MapleStory isn't often the subject of a big messy drama, but Nexon has gone and stepped in it with its big New Age...

Jeffrey Butler’s metaverse MMO Avalon reveals trailer and AI-driven player content tools

This past March we reported on the existence of Avalon, a blockchain-linked metaverse MMO from Avalon Corp, a company that has former SOE and...

Wayfinder suffers layoffs as Digital Extremes transfers the game fully to Airship Syndicate

Wayfinder hasn't even properly launched out of early access and it's already suffering layoffs. According to Polygon's unnamed sources, Tencent-owned Digital Extremes laid off...
why does this continue

The Epic Games Store is apparently still not profitable for Epic Games

It's now been five years since Epic Games launched the Epic Games store with an eye toward dethroning Steam, as epitomized by the fact...

Xbox announces plans for AI-based gamedev tools that generate game dialogue and quests ‘at scale’

The invasion of generative AI text and large language model (LLM) tools like ChatGPT into game development and design has gotten the backing of...

Destiny 2’s Bungie addresses layoffs and prior releases as devs express ‘anger, sadness and fear’

This news update is essentially a tale of two sides of the same Destiny 2 coin: On the one side, there's the public-facing statement...

Cryptic confirms layoffs, claiming Star Trek Online and Neverwinter aren’t ‘affected’

I wish I could say nobody could've seen this coming, but in fact, everyone did. A few weeks ago, we learned that key Cryptic staffers...

New World’s latest big bug allows more than five players to enter an expedition

When I decided to hop into the Amrine Excavation expedition as part of Choose My Adventure's return to New World, it turned out that...