Blue Protocol’s fate up in the air after Bandai Namco Online declares insolvency

Plue Brotocol.

It’s probably wise for us to severely ratchet down any expectations or hopes of seeing a triumphant release of Blue Protocol in the year 2024. At this point, the signs aren’t good for the MMORPG, as Bandi Namco Online declared itself to be in a state of insolvency due to massive revenue losses.

Bandai Namco Online (the subsidiary of Bandai Namco Games) reported a loss of over $51M for the previous fiscal year, with its money pit growing deeper by the month. Because of increasing negative net income, the studio itself is unable to pay its debts.

Bandai Namco Online also manages IDOLiSH7, Gundam Tribe, Gundam Evolution, and SD Gundam Operation.

This news follows the word earlier this year that Blue Protocol’s performance in Japan “significantly fell short” of the studio’s expectations after its release last year; however, the company attribute most of its deficits to its failure to replicate Elden Ring’s success. Blue Protocol just celebrated its first birthday in Japan with packed plans for the future, though it’s not at all clear whether they will come to fruition.

A new western release date or window for the anime MMO has not been set, and as we’ve been noting, Amazon Games, which was originally set to publish the game here in the west, has begun leaving mention of the game off its corporate press releases, plus Bamco backed out of showing its games at SGF earlier this month. Don’t hold your breath for this one.

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