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Blue Protocol confirms NPC costumes for player characters in a preview

It is the season for costumes, and since the pandemic is likely going to put the kibosh on a lot of costume-centered gatherings, it's...
So much cooler.

Betawatch: Pantheon promises its next alpha this month while looking for investments

There are problems on display right now for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. This is upsetting to type, of course, but the late Brad McQuaid's...

Blue Protocol readies up another closed beta test phase in Japan on November 7

Closed beta for Bandai Namco's MMO Blue Protocol continues to roll on with another announced test phase for players in Japan starting...
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Betawatch: New World aims for familiarity, Blue Protocol plans beta stream

For a game entitled New World, the upcoming title from Amazon sure does feel familiar if you're an MMO veteran. After all, the...
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Betawatch: Star Citizen gets a nice guide to everything not in its next alpha patch

So, the bad news for Star Citizen fans is that some features of its next major patch are being removed, and by "some"...
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Blue Protocol’s beta test starts with delays, heavy demand, and some notable software scanning

The Blue Protocol beta finally started up! But it started up a bit later than expected because it turns out... lots of...

Blue Protocol dates its next closed beta test in Japan for April 23

When we last peeked in on Blue Protocol, the Japanese MMORPG was beginning to ramp up its next round of beta testing with...
One last round.

Betawatch: WoW’s Shadowlands hits alpha, Virtuverse moves to public testing

Yes, after all the waiting, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was announced to be going into alpha testing and then finally did so....

The Daily Grind: Do you expect any (other) MMOs to be delayed over the pandemic?

With so many MMO studios working-from-home, it seems delays might be inevitable. In fact, we've already seen a few; Blue Protocol, for example,...

Blue Protocol to add another 5000 players to its Japanese closed beta test

Blue Protocol appears to be ready to ramp up the numbers in its ongoing closed beta test. The game's official site
That arena is sure shadowy.

Betawatch: Shadow Arena announces its final beta in April

Is there any arena more shadow-filled than Shadow Arena? It might need to change its name if there were, but you can evaluate...
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Blue Protocol starts its Japanese closed beta testing on April 23

The beta test for Blue Protocol had to be delayed a little bit before based on COVID-19, but it was always just...
So snipe.

Betawatch: Even MMO betas can be delayed over novel coronavirus concerns

No! No, my child, my hope, my sweet Blue Protocol, I want you to go through testing and come out here sooner! But...

Blue Protocol’s Japanese closed beta has been delayed nearly a month over coronavirus

We've previously noted how some MMOs and MMO-adjacent titles, from EVE Echoes to Path of Exile, had seen delays and setbacks thanks...

Betawatch: Temtem plans for this year and the next

You can be glib and accuse Temtem of basically being a slight variant of Pokémon, but you cannot accuse the developers of lacking ambition. Not...

Blue Protocol aims for Japan first, the world after – confirming western arrival

With closed beta on the way, excitement and anticipation is building for the anime-styled Blue Protocol. But when will it come out...

Betawatch: Crowfall hands out rewards, guides people in necromancy, and covers race disciplines

Darn it, Crowfall, could you be bothered to have a unifying theme this week? Look, it's good that you're giving out monthly rewards...
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Blue Protocol is going to be free-to-play on launch

Those of you eagerly following news about the upcoming cel-shaded Blue Protocol may be happy to know that the game now has a planned...
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Betawatch: New World is back in the old alpha

It's a whole New World all over again! And it is actually a new New World, to be clear; it's back in alpha testing,...
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Blue Protocol shares more character creation and initial gameplay, Reddit fansubs the closed beta trailer

The first few moments of an MMORPG are certainly the most impactful, and in this new look from Bandai-Namco's upcoming Blue Protocol, that...