Blue Protocol celebrates its first Japanese anniversary, but no word yet on a western release


The hope that Blue Protocol will see a 2024 release is fading mightily, especially following an anniversary livestream in which Bandai Namco failed to give any hints about launching the game outside of Japan. This follows a disappointing launch of the game in its native Japan (which may be the reason the studio has been holding back from a global release and is no longer being touted in PR from western publisher Amazon).

That said, the sci-fi MMO recently celebrated its first year of live operation in the country and has sweeping plans to improve across the board. Some of the projects that the devs mentioned include a new story chapter, housing, a new region, a weapon rarity system, a challenging endgame boss arena, more minigames, and gacha cosmetic outfits. Shouldn’t have ended with that last one, I know.

Bandai Namco also addressed the business model, as its reducing the cost of the seasonal pass, making the pass easier to wrap up, and removing any pay-to-win elements from the premium reward track.

Source: Reddit, Twitter
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