Blue Protocol once again delays its upcoming Japanese network test to sometime in late March

For those who were looking forward to Blue Protocol making its next step forward in Japan (and by extension moving closer to its late...
Probably more friendly than Dragon's Catma.

Fans are reviving – and localizing – the long-shuttered Dragon’s Dogma MMO from Japan

Most people likely only know about Dragon's Dogma as the source of a rad song that's been featured in memes. Few folks probably know...

Blue Protocol delays Japanese test event a few weeks over unspecified bug

If you were lucky enough to be in the Japanese network test for Blue Protocol this weekend, well, no you're not. That's because Bandai...

Level 5’s Fantasy Life Online is shutting down for good next month

It's been a short, weird, and depressing trip for Level 5's Fantasy Life Online. The colorful mobile MMORPG launched in Japan in 2018 on...

Blue Protocol shares details about monetization, cross-play, and game features

As the hype builds for next year's launch of Blue Protocol, so is the amount of information we're learning about Bandai Namco's MMORPG import....
This took some work.

The Game Archaeologist: Wizardry Online, the short-lived permadeath MMO

While the Wizardry series may not have the cultural cache that Ultima or Final Fantasy ended up with, nevertheless the dungeon crawling RPG series...
Please don't be horrible?

Blue Protocol will be published by Smilegate in South Korea

After an exceedingly long wait for any information about the game, Blue Protocol fans are finally getting some solid information about the game in...

Blue Protocol confirms an early spring launch in Japan, schedules an announcement at the Game Awards

The beginning of this month saw Blue Protocol rise from its presumed grave, confirming that work is still ongoing and announcing plans for a...

Diablo Immortal merged a ton of servers with today’s update

How well is Diablo Immortal doing right now? Well, we've had a couple of clues: Its global launch in June wasn't enough to rescue...
Commence the jiggling.

Blue Protocol readies for another network test in Japan ‘in preparation for release’

Last week we finally heard word from Bandai Namco that Blue Protocol was indeed alive and developing after a worryingly long span of silence....

Tree of Savior M arrives to South Korea November 2, Re: Tree of Savior cans global aspirations

This is a story of two mobile versions of the MMOARPG Tree of Savior - Tree of Savior M and Re: Tree of Savior,...

Fractured Online disables new purchases for players in Asian countries, posts new survey

Players who want to play Fractured Online but live in Japan are going to have a harder time at this point, as Dynamight Studios...
It comes!

Wisdom of Nym: Looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV’s imminent patch 6.25

Well, that was... sooner than I expected! I had honestly been expecting patch 6.25 to be further out than... well, next week, but here...

Final Fantasy XIV confirms Patch 6.25 for October 18, Fan Festival’s return in July 2023

The Live Letter from Final Fantasy XIV was already planning to have lots of information about what's next for adventurers in Eorzea, and it...

Massively Overthinking: Do you take vacation time to play MMOs?

Back when Amazon was busy merging several dozen Lost Ark servers, I saw a comment thread where people were grousing about being locked out...

Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo team up for a new monster hunting game, Wild Hearts

Do you like monsters and the hunting thereof? Are you not daunted by the prospect of taking on big enemies? Wild Hearts is a...

Copyright lawsuit over Shin Megami Tensei MMO brings rogue server project to a halt

We're not sure how many of our readers recall that the RPG series Megami Tensei had an MMORPG, but it did. It was called...

Massively on the Go: Splatoon 3 is dividing players in fantastic ways

I feel like Splatoon 3's release has been oddly quiet, though it's doing quite well in Japan. Selling over 3.45 million copies in 3...

The Game Archaeologist: The legacy of Ultima Online

Last week in The Game Archaeologist, we traced the history of Ultima Online’s origin, development, and testing -- not to mention one pesky in-game...

War Thunder showcases Drone Age’s new jet and prettier explosions, marks V-J Day in an event

The Drone Age update arriving to War Thunder is obviously going to bring drones to the battlefield, but that's not all that's coming. For...