He's got a goal, bez.

Wisdom of Nym: The packed October for Final Fantasy XIV following patch 6.5

Tomorrow, patch 6.5 will be live for Final Fantasy XIV. That's the last patch of the Endwalker cycle, which means the first part of...

Epic Games raises Fortnite prices in wake of layoffs and financial woes

Once again, Epic Games is asking for your help. Well, it's not so much asking anyone for assistance as it is jacking up the prices...

Elder Scrolls Online’s update 40 and Endless Archive are on the PTR as ZeniMax eyes Japanese console launch

ZeniMax Online Studios is wasting no time putting MMO gamers to work testing Elder Scrolls Online's Endless Archive content, as update 40 has already...

14-year-old golf MMO Sega Splash Golf is slowly being reassembled by one dedicated fan

Normally we open these kinds of stories by asking our readers if they remember an old game, but it's extremely likely that nobody outside...

Massively on the Go: A practical guide to Pokemon Go gym defense

One thing I learned while at Pokemon Go’s Las Vegas Hoenn Tour and traveling in Japan recently was people still aren't great at defending gyms, but it's...

NCsoft Q2 2023: Throne & Liberty delayed as revenues, mobile games, and MMOs decline

While we've already covered the major delay to Throne & Liberty revealed during NCsoft's investor call this week, there was more to the financial...
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Lawful Neutral: Assessing the privacy policies governing World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV

It never fails to surprise me just what some people will say in general chat in an MMO. They'll say things they would never...
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Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Las Vegas: All the big news from the patch 6.5 live letter

Let's not mince words: Final Fantasy XIV has every fan hyped up for the next expansion coming in about a year. But there's more...

Vague Patch Notes: Culture doesn’t excuse poor design choices in MMOs

So Tarisland has heard that people don't like gender-locked classes. This is the correct feedback because gender-locked classes blow, and every game that has...

Blue Protocol’s western version finally drops a new trailer filled with frenetic combat

Still sad about the fact that Blue Protocol is out in Japan already while we're stuck waiting until next year? Well, the silver lining...

Blue Protocol showcases Blitz Lancer class and delightful summer swimwear

With Blue Protocol already tearing up the charts in Japan and on its way to the western world next year, there's an understandable interest...

Blue Protocol reportedly unleashes a banwave against players accessing the MMO outside of Japan

Earlier in the month, we pointed out how eager western fans of Blue Protocol were ready to arrive to the Japanese version of the...

Blue Protocol’s global release is delayed to 2024, Japanese version launches June 14

So we've got good news and bad news for Blue Protocol fans. The good news is that the Japanese version is coming extremely soon:...
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‘Vana’diel’s not going anywhere,’ Square-Enix’s Yoji Fujito says on Final Fantasy XI’s 21st birthday

Congratulations, Final Fantasy XI; as of today you are officially old enough to legally go out drinking. (We're all going to pretend we forgot...

UK government body issues order that blocks Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard from ‘acquiring an interest’ in each other

Despite the multi-billion dollar deal between Activision-Blizzard and Microsoft slowly making forward movement in multiple smaller markets and potentially one very large market, the...

Massively on the Go: WalkScape’s Schamppu wants game to walk the fitness walk

It turns out I wasn't alone in WalkScape piquing my curiosity, so those of you who are intrigued by a new RuneScape-inspired walking-centric MMOARG...

Wisdom of Nym: What to expect from 2023’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival

We've still got a couple months until Final Fantasy XIV's next fan festival, but it's already in an interesting place. In one sense, this...

Why I Play: Pokemon Go (and why I shouldn’t)

I won't lie: Many, many problems with Niantic often cause me to re-evaluate why I continue to play Pokemon GO, especially in recent weeks....

Japan drops Microsoft/Activision-Blizzard antitrust probe as lawmakers scrutinize Japanese gaming market

Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick released a memo to his staff (and everyone else in the entire world) on the ABK Substack (which exists) last...
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Wisdom of Nym: How is Final Fantasy XIV going to end?

A long while ago, I wrote an article about how your favorite MMO is going to die. This is because your favorite MMO is...