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Vague Patch Notes: A look back at my start in Final Fantasy XI, many years later

It is the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI this week. Not the 20th anniversary of the game being in the US, and thus...
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Final Fantasy XI welcomes its 20-year anniversary today

As of today, it's been two decades since Final Fantasy XI first launched in Japan, which makes this a pretty notable anniversary for the...

EVE Fanfest 2022: EVE Online is getting a Spanish client

EVE Online has been an intensely international game throughout its lifetime, with significant audiences across the US, Europe, and Russia. Most players are stuck...

TrinityS is an early access three-player co-op game that’s all about beating raid bosses

What if you took the big raid boss fights in traditional MMORPGs and made that into a three-player online co-op title? You might get...

Overwatch 2’s first beta officially begins this afternoon – are you playing?

We're just an hour away from the beta launch of Overwatch 2, which ought to please everyone but folks who simply liked Overwatch's meta...

Final Fantasy XIV’s new housing lottery is so broken Square has suspended the next cycle

If you were hoping for a house in Final Fantasy XIV's new housing lottery system, well... you probably didn't get one, but it wasn't...

NetEase announces closed beta for new hardcore mobile MMORPG DarkBind

NetEase has another action MMORPG on deck: It's called DarkBind, and it's set to launch in both North America and Japan, with closed beta...

Webzen’s SUN Classic is live, and it’s already a hot mess

Would you like to play a classic MMORPG but can't be fussed to experience things like chat, using AoE skills, or even being able...

Perfect Ten: Favorite NPCs from my favorite MMOs

In a recent episode of the Massively OP Podcast, we had a terrific question winged our way asking about our personal favorite NPCs from...

EVE Online studio CCP Games will run a PLEX for Good charity campaign for Ukraine

EVE Online studio CCP Games is making good with PLEX for Good once again, this time in support of humanitarian aid for Ukraine. The Pearl...

SUN Classic pre-pregistration website goes up ahead of its March launch

Are you ready to go back to Soul of the Ultimate Nation? Or more likely, engage with the MMO for the very first time?...

The Game Archaeologist: Dark Eyes, a forgotten Japanese MMO from 1999

For a country that was the epicenter of video games (and, in many ways, still is), Japan never quite latched onto the MMORPG genre...

Webzen is recreating 2006 MMORPG Soul of the Ultimate Nation, plans March re-release in Southeast Asia

Are you ready for a blast from Korea's past? Webzen is planning on reviving, recreating, and re-releasing Soul of the Ultimate Nation as SUN...

TERA is apparently sunsetting its Japanese servers in April

Bad news for TERA players, at least those who played on the Japanese servers: The game is closing down in that region in April. The...

China’s continued freeze on new gaming approvals sees 14,000 gaming firms in the country shut down

The fight against the so-called "spiritual opium" of gaming by the Chinese government presses on into the new year. Readers will recall that a...
We still care.

Final Fantasy XI’s producer looks ahead to the 20-year anniversary of the game in 2022

It's been 20 years sinceĀ Final Fantasy XI originally launched in Japan... or rather, it will be in a few months. (The launch anniversary is...

Wizardry Online makes a comeback as a rogue server

Those with good memories and perhaps a bit of personal experience might remember that for a hot minute back in 2013 and 2014, SOE...

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go actually nerfed its own support rather than help players

This article is part three of a four-piece series on safety in Pokemon Go as well as other Niantic games. You can read all...

War Thunder’s Winged Lions update introduces first portions of an Israeli tech tree

Are you hungry for a new tech tree in the online military vehicle battler War Thunder? Then the recent Winged Lions update is right...

Massively on the Go: How Pokemon Go support fails MMOARG stalking victims

This article is part two of a four-piece series on safety in Pokemon Go as well as other Niantic games. You can read all...