War Thunder previews Tank Football 2024 and more Alpha Strike update content

world cup

Are you ready to play some football? In a tank? That doesn’t make any sense as a name because tanks famously do not have feet. So it’s more like treadball, but that just raises further questions. Look, the important thing is that War Thunder is bringing around Tank Football for 2024 starting on March 14th, complete with new decals and camo to be earned in the process. So let’s all play some tankball! Wait, no, that doesn’t sound right either.

While you’re trying to sort out what to call the sport, of course, you can also take a look at previews of new things coming with the game’s upcoming Alpha Strike update. The latest previews are of the North Holland map including a mall you can drive through as well as the new F-5E Tiger II from Thailand being added to Japan’s roster at Rank VII (specifically to flesh out Japan’s currently thin list of modern aircraft). And at least no one is trying to play football with jets in the game.


Source: Official Site (1, 2, 3)
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