Albion Online patches in the special Avalonian invasion with unique rewards

The denizens of Albion Online face a unique threat with the game's latest patch as the Avalonians invade the landscape. It's a special...
This is not the new zone, we've seen this.

Astellia Online promises Avalon this month and a new zone in December

It's pretty clear that the team behind Astellia Online isn't just importing the game and then letting it go completely, seeing as how the...

EVE Online’s newest patch improves new player tutorials and balance tweaks

Looting stuff feels like it should be kind of self-explanatory, doesn't it? But when you're floating out in the cold darkness of space like...
My eyes still glow fine.

World of Warcraft’s latest test server build sparks player anxiety over glowing eyes

The next World of Warcraft patch is in the middle of testing, which has already resulted in some negative player feedback on certain systems....

Final Fantasy XIV patches in Ishgard Restoration and the newest Ultimate content with 5.11

So often cities are destroyed in MMOs and never seem to be actually fixed in any way. But that's not the case in Final...
Pet action.

Final Fantasy XI’s latest version update adds new monthly objectives and sort of updates Beastmaster

The newest patch for Final Fantasy XI has included adjustments for Beastmaster... in theory. You can hear about it in video format or just...
Wheedle deedle

Astellia Online’s newest patch adds in a new Astel for fighting dragons

It is assumed by the writer of this piece that the newest Astel in Astellia Online's roster, added with today's patch, is quite...

Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 5.11 arrives on November 12th

Another patch is coming, Final Fantasy XIV fans! It's been two weeks, you've had enough time to get everything out of patch 5.1, right?...
Hey dude.

Conan Exiles details follower leveling and follower limits coming to the game alongside mounts

Good news, Conan Exiles fans: Your pets and thralls (collectively known as "followers" now in game terms) will be able to gain...
robot boyfriends

BlizzCon 2019: Jeff Kaplan hopes Overwatch 2 will change how game sequels work

If you're thinking of Overwatch 2 as basically DLC with new PvE modes and some tweaked character models, that's understandable; while the sequel has...
drat it

Final Fantasy XIV shows off the new features of patch 5.1’s group pose camera

With all of the other new content in Final Fantasy XIV's latest patch, you could be forgiven for not taking a whole lot...
On no, my ranks.

Astellia adds a hard cap to Astel ranks while adjusting acquisition rates

No players in Astellia Online were meant to have eight-star Astels at this point. That's not to say they were never meant to be added;...
Ah yes, teamwork.

Final Fantasy XIV launches patch 5.1: Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

It's patch day once again for Final Fantasy XIV, and if you think that means the game has made tons of things available...
Long haul.

Final Fantasy XIV elaborates on the additions to housing for patch 5.1

Updates to housing for Final Fantasy XIV are coming in patch 5.1 beyond the addition of new wards. Sure, the addition of three new...
We're fine.

World of Warcraft will be locking down corruption values on the test server

The new Corrupted item system being tested for World of Warcraft has already received a fair amount of feedback, generally in the negative....
Oh, COME ON, what did that accomplish?

Final Fantasy XIV posts the preliminary patch notes for patch 5.1: Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

Do not try to read the patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV's latest patch out loud in one breath. You will run out of...
Surprised pikachu dot jpeg.

Legends of Aria is halting taxes and auctions ahead of its next patch in November

Citadel Studios is clearly hoping that the next update for Legends of Aria brings people to the game to stay, but there's a bit...
Bored, huh?

World of Warcraft: Classic layering, Corruption, and the BlizzCon Q&A

Layers! Huh! Good God, y'all, what are they good for? Keeping player populations in early phases of World of Warcraft: Classic at manageable levels...
All I remember is that he was African-American.

Final Fantasy XIV updates its patch 5.1 site with Blue Mages, PvP, and challenging fights

It's less than a week until Final Fantasy XIV has its first major update for its current expansion cycle, and the update site...
Here we go again, about a year later.

TERA delivers the Unmasked update to console players on October 29

Players on TERA's console version will be taking to the skies on October 29th as the game's Unmasked update arrives with new flying...