Complete with strong eye contact

Final Fantasy XIV shows off its new job actions in a nearly five-hour-long Letter from the Producer

Fans of Final Fantasy XIV who are accustomed to the normal flow of information ahead of expansions will remember that usually, the media tour...
in the court of the midnight king

Guild Wars 2 previews the Obsidian Legendary Armor coming with The Midnight King

When the last major update for Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure lands on May 21st, players are going to have the opportunity...
Grave import.

Final Fantasy XI’s May update brings a new battlefield and Vana’bout event for its anniversary celebration

It's a month, so that means Final Fantasy XI is due for another update because that's how the game does things. Yes, really, it...
re-mess up the remix

World of Warcraft shares new video about this week’s Mists of Pandaria Remix

It's pretty clear that World of Warcraft is banking hard on the idea that everyone wants to run back through Mists of Pandaria in...
Spring has sprong.

Palia adds new springtime flair and level 5 friendship quests

How good are your friendship values with Zeki, Reth, Tish, and Ashura in Palia? Because the game is hoping to improve them significantly with...
hey girl

World of Warcraft’s latest patch, Dark Heart, is now live

It's time to go all-in on sisters and sinning! Wait, that sounds way worse than it was supposed to. It's not our fault; the...

WoW Classic Cataclysm patch notes are up ahead of tonight’s prepatch launch

So we've been over the fact that World of Warcraft fans will find that WoW Classic is rolling plenty of hashtag ch-ch-ch-changes into Cataclysm...
Oh... that's disappointing.

World of Warcraft previews the Dark Heart update arriving on May 7

Hasn't World of Warcraft promised the final chapter in Dragonflight a couple of times now? Well hold on to your hats because the very...

Mabinogi’s latest quality-of-life update lets players enjoy minigames anywhere

The month of April is all about quality-of-life improvements for players of Mabinogi, as the game's most recent patch has offered several things to...
You know the joke is coming.

Zenith Infinite Realms rolls out its second season with Frostrealm

Yes, that header is not lying to you; the second season of Zenith: Infinite Realms will indeed feature the aurora borealis. At this time...

World of Warcraft previews the upcoming Mists of Pandaria Remix in patch 10.2.7

Apparently, the plan for World of Warcraft's content leading up to The War Within is to just make you play classic flashbacks whether you...

World of Tanks launches crew changes and postmortem camera with update 1.24.1

With a competitive shooting game like World of Tanks, sometimes what you really need is some idea of what exactly just blew you up....

World of Warcraft brings the Cataclysm Classic pre-expansion patch on April 30

Do you remember back in the day when you were very excited to have Deathwing blow up a good chunk of World of Warcraft?...

Embers Adrift adds a new PvP arena that’s meant for funsies in latest patch

Embers Adrift has very, very frequently stressed how it's an MMORPG about cooperation, grouping together, and trying to foster a community, but sometimes you...

World of Warcraft’s Holly Longdale reassures players that further PvE-based experiments are coming

If you're a World of Warcraft player looking at Plunderstorm with some combination of bafflement and trepidation about the possibility that every further "experimental"...
Grats, I guess.

World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Discovery launches Phase 3 on April 4

You certainly can't fault the World of Warcraft team with failing to keep up a content cadence over the past few weeks. The WoW...
bored bored bored

EverQuest II brings GU125 to the beta server on March 26

Did you know that if all of EverQuest II's game updates were chicken eggs, this latest one would be the 125th egg? That's a...
Breath of the Whatever

Craftopia releases its spring update with future technology, mithril, and more

It really would have been easy to just sort of kick Craftopia into the dumpster when Pocketpair had an actual runaway success on its...
world cup

War Thunder previews Tank Football 2024 and more Alpha Strike update content

Are you ready to play some football? In a tank? That doesn't make any sense as a name because tanks famously do not have...

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic is open for beta testing now

Remember when World of Warcraft had just launched Cataclysm? Are you eager to do that again? Stop shaking your head and shouting that you...