Funcom is plotting a Dune Awakening early closed beta test – here’s how to sign up


With Funcom dropping more dev blogs about its Dune Awakening MMO, you had to figure that it was building to something, and in fact, that something is the long (long) awaited beta.

“[W]we’re approaching a stage where the game can benefit a lot from player feedback,” the studio told its Discord fans today. “As such, we will soon begin holding early closed Beta tests, initially with small pools of players. As we continue doing tests, we will increase the number of players invited.”

Funcom stresses that this is merely an “early closed beta test” locked tight under an NDA; you can still sign up for a slim chance of getting into it. To do so, head to the official site and click the “beta signup” tab at the top.

As MOP readers will surely recall, Funcom has been working on the Dune MMO since at least 2018, a situation kicked into high gear when Tencent finished its buyout of Funcom back in 2020. In fact, Tencent’s backing ensured a true MMORPG scope for the survival sandbox – which is why MMORPG players are so keen to see it in person. This beta, however, is a bit later than the teams implied earlier this year.

Source: Discord
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