Cinderstone Online sells closed beta access, plans to release monthly chapters and weekly patches

Did you miss out on the open beta test of Cinderstone Online? Well unfortunately, that ship has sailed. Bad news there. However, the game...

Ravendawn has a blockchain-linked version of itself that is now called RavenQuest

Regular readers are likely familiar with Ravendawn, the Open Tibia-built sandbox MMORPG that first unveiled itself in 2021 and more recently entered into closed...

Mad World wraps up closed beta test, posts a new gameplay video

If you were hoping to get your name drawn for this month's Mad World test, then so sorry, Charlie, but it's too late --...

Fractured Veil invites its third wave of testers and runs over bugs in latest patch

Closed testing of the zombie survivalbox Fractured Veil is once again doing what it should be doing: finding bugs to kill, which leads to...

Diablo IV is recruiting for its endgame beta – here’s what to expect

So this week's Diablo IV announcement is good news and bad news. The good news is Blizzard is moving to what it's calling a...

Ravendawn deep-dives card system ahead of September 28 closed beta

Ravendawn is continuing to herald the coming of its September closed beta, which will be making a host of previously noted updates to the...
Now, the real question is whether this is a Gary Jules reference or a Tears For Fears reference.

Mad World draws names and offers instructions for its upcoming closed beta test

Were you among those who registered your name for the closed beta test of Mad World? If so then this news is for you,...

Corepunk promises closed beta by the end of the year

For fans of the genre hybrid Corepunk, it's been a most distressing year of silence. After several delays and an announcement this past May...

Mad World’s latest video offers a look at its post-apocalyptic world

Mad World has a pretty grim setting (if that isn't obvious already) and nowhere is that more apparent than in the ruined world that...

Here’s how to join Fractured Online’s closed beta this weekend with our site key

Fractured Online opens its closed beta to the world today ahead of its planned early access later this fall, and if you've been curious...

Multiplayer survival sandbox Earth: Revival plans closed beta this weekend

If you just can't get enough survival sandbox, Chinese studio Nuverse has another one for you to die in. It's called Earth: Revival, and...

Mad World releases a closed beta trailer ahead of its test on September 15

If you're still interested in Mad World, we're willing to bet you've already registered for the game's upcoming closed beta on September 15th. But...

Fractured Online releases live-action trailer ahead of its freebie weekend

Ahead of this weekend's Fractured Online free-play event, Gamigo and Dynamight Studios have dropped a live-action trailer following survivors of brutal demonic attacks training...

Hell is Others is a top-down online multiplayer survival horror shooter launching October 20

What if you lived in a city that was full of shadowy monsters and you had to roam into its streets every night to...

Sci-fi FPS survival title Dysterra begins an open beta testing round on Steam

We've been following the development track of Kakao Games' Dysterra for some time now, from its alpha beginnings in March 2021 to its closed...

Ravendawn posts the patch notes for its upcoming September closed beta test

Last week, Ravendawn was promising an action-packed two months, and this week they're starting to deliver if you equate action with reading patch notes...

Mad World opens up applications for its upcoming September 15 closed beta test

While grimdark horror multiplayer ARPG Mad World will apparently launch as a permanent open beta, there's going to be at least one closed beta...

Cinderstone Online showcases a dungeon and siege, plans for a September 1 open beta

There's been quite a bit of time since we last checked in on Cinderstone Online, the adorable-looking 2.5-D MMORPG that started life as Fioresia...

Ravendawn teases ‘action-packed’ autumn with closed beta and new demo

The upcoming months of September and October are going to be "enormous" and "action-packed" if the devs of the Open Tibia-built MMO Ravendawn are...

Fractured Online will wipe servers ahead of its September 15 early access launch

If the fall games release schedule isn't really intriguing you so far, maybe this will help: Kickstarted sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online is planning its...