Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure: The Realm of Dreams episode launches February 27


The third quarterly chunk of Guild Wars 2’s Secrets of the Obscure finally has a name and a date: It’s called The Realm of Dreams, and it’s launching in just one week on February 27th.

“A new section of Nayos, home to the dreaded Kryptis, will be accessible for players to explore as they seek to prevent Tyria from falling to this otherworldly enemy,” ArenaNet announced this morning. “Two new legendary bosses will begin to appear in Convergences, a 50-player combat feature introduced in November’s Through the Veil update. To aid in the fight, each profession will gain the use of a new weapon proficiency that they previously could not wield, providing new skills and build possibilities. A new legendary relic and the first tier of the new legendary Obsidian armor set are also powerful new gear rewards.”

“Along with continuing the story of the Kryptis invasion, The Realm of Dreams contains a refresh of the Wizard’s Vault to provide new items and rewards for players to augment their play style, while the Temple of Febe Strike Mission welcomes Challenge Mode, a harder difficulty option for the truly adept. Along with a new Ranger pet and an expansion of the Astral Ward Mastery line, this update sets the stage for the thrilling Secrets of the Obscure finale later this year at no additional charge to expansion players.”

The studio has already put the new class weapons through the paces with player testing and multiple streamed deep-dives; the latest further includes the balancing plans for March 19th.

Source: Press release
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