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Massively Overthinking: The worst MMO cash shop trickery

Last week, games psychologist Jamie Madigan tweeted an underrated comment about how psychological tricks used in restaurant menu design are also found in...

Guild Wars 2 resurrects Dragon Bash events from June 25 to July 16

Surprise! Dragon Bash is returning to Guild Wars 2 next week. Even our columnists were stunned at this announcement, as the event

Guild Wars 2 is removing language restrictions on linking worlds with the upcoming WvW restructure

30We don't mean to blow anyone's minds, but there are a few different languages spoken in the EU. At least three. This poses a...

The MOP Up: Project Torque revs back up for another race

Car racing MMOs have endured bumpy runs in the genre, including the late Project Torque (also called Level R and HEAT Online). Torque...

One Shots: Deep diving

Can't say that I approve of the flagrant disregard for deep diving safety protocols that are on display in our spotlight picture from

Massively Overthinking: The one about MMO superfans, zealots, and insidious tribalism

We recently received two pieces of mail from longtime MOP readers and commenters that worked together perfectly to form a unified topic. Alex emailed...

Guild Wars 2 reverses decision on raid craft mats, kicks off new mystery event

ArenaNet has updated Guild Wars 2 players on two points of contention relating most recent patch. For starters, the new update apparently reversed...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 224: Black Desert, Bless Online, and boats

Carlo, Bree, and Justin discuss Black Desert, Bless, Phantasy Star Online 2, E3, LOTRO, SWTOR, GW2, POE, City of Heroes, and boats.

Guild Wars 2’s Key of Ahdashim raid is now live in the game’s latest update

Guild Wars 2 has just pushed out the next big thing for raiders: The Key of Ahdashim raid is now live. "The...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Speculation on Guild Wars 2’s gods and dragons

Let's just note upfront that this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles will have lots of Guild Wars 2 spoilers, including but not limited to the recent Living World S3E6 War Eternal. Also, wild speculation that may well be completely wrong. You have been warned!
We never claimed to be saints.

Not So Massively: Cataclysm looks cool, but it’s not what Anthem needs right now

I am an unapologetic Anthem apologist. I think it's a great game, and I'm more than a little frustrated by the constant...
And here, we see yet another thing thrown away for no damn reason.

Storyboard: Exploring religion in MMOs

One of the things I wanted to do in bringing back Storyboard was to expand a little bit beyond just roleplaying to the...

The MOP Up: KurtzPel’s early access rolls out globally

While it was already accessible to North American players, the anime-styled KurtzPel is now open to a much wider audience thanks to

One Shots: Prime real estate

The rich elite enjoy their luxurious mansions located on scenic shores, remote islands, or exclusive metropolis neighborhoods. But the rich elite with connections to...
Beta fish.

Interview: Astellia’s westernization covers everything from monetization and VO to dodging and grouping

It seems as if every time we write about incoming MMORPG Astellia, confusion over its guiding principles dominates the ensuing discussion. One of...

Guild Wars 2 is launching the Key of Ahdashim raid on June 11 – here’s the trailer

Guild Wars 2 is kicking off the summer in a big way, especially for raiders: It's launching The Key of Ahdashim next...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of Guild Wars 2’s Season 4 soundtrack

On May 14th, Guild Wars 2 fans were delivered a bittersweet message from the game's main composer, Maclaine Diemer. Diemer, who had been...

One Shots: Larger than life

If there is one thing that MMORPGs are able to do regularly and impressively, it is to give us a sense of massive scale....
Kick it down the road.

Lawful Neutral: Why Josh Hawley’s lockbox regulation Senate bill is dead-on-arrival

There's a special place in my heart for lootboxes and exploitative monetization, and that place is somewhere below the revulsion I feel for Martin...

Massively Overthinking: Tackling the ‘big four MMOs’ meme

Over the last couple of months, there's been a meme floating around the MMORPG subreddit. Someone will ask that the community recommend a game,...