Guild Wars 2’s retro Super Adventure Box returns today with World 3 Test Zone updates


Retro music at the ready, folks: It’s time to go back to Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2 as the one-time April Fools’ Day event is back again this year in festival form as of this afternoon.

“Moto’s world-renowned Super Adventure Box returns again! Explore two worlds (and one test zone) of excitement, peril, and educational entertainment to earn holographic weapons and a variety of loot,” ArenaNet says. “Travelers can visit the Super Adventure Box in Rata Sum—temporary portals have been placed in each major city to facilitate easy travel to the scenic hub of asuran culture!”

The patch notes hint at several updates to this year’s festival, including the shoulder armor, the new Golem Buster weapon set, new Retro-Forged set weapon, new goals for the meta achievement, new guild hall deco, new SAB-themed Wizard’s Vault additions, and of course, tweaks to the World 3 Test Zone added last year – expect shops, blue oozes, secret caves, a “coin-collecting adventure,” and more cheevos.

The patch also adds the cosmetic inspection feature teased yesterday, major changes to WvW to improve attacker QOL, and a handful of class tweaks (the Mesmer fixes are going over well!). Go get your freebies!

“[T]he cosmetic inspection feature is now live, allowing players to examine the stylish wardrobes of other players to get new ideas for their own fashion. To celebrate this new feature, players can claim five free transmutation charges in the Gem Store[.]”

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