guild wars

Official Site: Guild Wars
Studio: NCsoft
Launch Date: April 26, 2005
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: B2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Massively Overthinking: Are you boycotting Blizzard?

Tyler's piece this week about the Blizzard he loved being dead actually brought tears to my eyes. It hurts to lose a game...

Jukebox Heroes: Exploring World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth’s patch music

One of my favorite modern trends of MMORPGs is that studios are no longer saving the entirety of a soundtrack for the base game or expansion releases. Oh sure, those usually get a great album push -- especially if it's one of the bigger games -- but for a while now, many studios have also been releasing new music on a steady basis with significant content patches.
It knows you sinned.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 242: And then Blizzard said, ‘Hold my beer’

Justin, Bree, and Eliot discuss the Blizzard boytcott and fiasco, the Daybreak layoffs, Shroud of the Avatar's sell-off, the Guild Wars 2 hacker piece, and a few happier stories too.

Guild Wars 2’s Shadow of the Mad King has returned once again through November 5

It's Halloween time in Guild Wars 2 as of today, as Shadows of the Mad King has returned as promised. The gameworld...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Is it time for Guild Wars 3?

Earlier this month, ArenaNet announced that President Mike O’Brien, former game director on both the original Guild Wars and Guild Wars...

One Shots: Bring me a shrubbery!

When has something as mundane and nondescript as a bush ever been a helpful hero? And when have we ever featured a MapleStory...
Let us pray.

The Daily Grind: Are there MMOs you’ve wanted to quit, but you couldn’t?

Very few of us are in a situation wherein large men are perched behind us claiming that something horrible will happen to our loved...

Global Chat: One MMO gamer is trying to finish Fallen Earth before it’s gone

When you know that your beloved MMORPG is about to be shut down, what do you do? If you're the blog 24 Hours...

Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet chased the 2016 Gaile Gray account hacker all the way to Germany – and lost

Back in 2016, MassivelyOP covered an odd story about the Guild Wars franchise and a hack that seemingly involved the account of then-ArenaNet...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 241: The MMO industry reshuffles its deck

Justin and Bree are joined by Gamigo's Merv Lee Kwai aka Khrolan for a sponsored interview on ArcheAge Unchained, plus news on Guild Wars 2, Funcom's Tencent investment, Red Dead Online on PC, Raph Koster's new MMORPG, and adventures in WoW and City of Heroes.

Guild Wars 2’s Shadow of the Mad King Halloween festivities return October 15

Look, folks, as far as I'm concerned, Halloween season started September 1st. My porch pumpkins went up the instant August ended. So figure that...

Former Guild Wars 2 designer opens a new studio and raises $3.3M in funding

It seems that leaving Guild Wars 2 and forming your own studio is just the hip thing to do. Roy Cronacher, a...

Massively Uplifting: From weddings to memorials, gamers celebrate life in AQ3D, GW2, BDO, LOTRO, WoW, and more

It's an alphabet soup of good (MMO) vibes this month! While many may have returned to the school of hard knocks this fall, plenty...

Leaderboard: Are you concerned for the future of Guild Wars 2?

Yesterday, we learned that ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien, who'd run the company that ushered both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 into...

Mike O’Brien is leaving ArenaNet and Guild Wars 2 to form a new studio

ArenaNet President Mike O'Brien announced this afternoon that he is leaving ArenaNet, the studio behind MMORPG Guild Wars 2, to "join some...

Here’s why the Guild Wars 2 community is grumpy over build templates

If you've dropped by the Guild Wars 2 subreddit lately, you'll notice that pretty much everyone is talking about the build and...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 240: Hypergank!

Justin and Bree discuss Star Citizen, Zenith, Guild Wars 2, LOTRO, WoW, and SWG, with mailbag entries on true MMO difficulty and cyberpunk MMOs.

Guild Wars 2’s October balance update is live today, along with dismounting skills for the Warclaw

You can look now: Guild Wars 2's latest balance patch is here today with tweaks for every class and most of the...

Eternal Magic publisher denies accusation that it plagiarized WoW and Guild Wars 2, shades accusers

Over the weekend, we covered a brewing storm in the world of Eternal Magic. The MMO, developed by Chinese studio Duoyi,

Flameseeker Chronicles: Does Guild Wars 2 release more paid outfits than armor skins?

I’ve noticed a common complaint bouncing around the Guild Wars 2 community, one that I believe to be a myth. Today, I’d like...