Seattle-based studio responsible for Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.

One Shots: Slice me a chunk of that moon cheese, would ya

You have to love the absolute hubris of Jedi in Star Wars because there's no object that they don't think they can levitate, smash,...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO have you kept installed the longest whether you play it or not?

A few weeks back, I asked y'all about the MMOs that have a permanent place on your device, the ones you'll never uninstall. I...

Massively Overthinking: Always-online vs. offline modes in multiplayer games

The Nightingale team's admission that players are clamoring for an offline version of the game - and that Inflexion is now planning to do...

The Daily Grind: Is gliding a good compromise to flying in MMOs?

By now, we all know the pros and cons of inserting flying into MMORPGs. Such systems can offer unparalleled freedom and be a great...

The Stream Team: Cat chairs and Guild Wars 2’s Realm of Dreams

There's brand-new content in Guild Wars 2's Secrets of the Obscure today! What is it about? You'll have to read Flameseeker Chronicles if you...
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Massively OP Podcast Episode 459: A Gigantic return

Justin and Bree discuss Nightingale's launch, Gigantic's return, Guild Wars 2's Realm of Dreams, and Last Epoch's launch, with adventures in LOTRO, Elder Scrolls Online, City of Heroes, and SWG Legends, plus a mailbag topic on Wagadu Chronicles and TTRPG-MMO crossovers.

Flameseeker Chronicles: First impressions of Guild Wars 2’s The Realm of Dreams, launching today

Can you believe it has been more than half a year since we took our first steps into the mysterious, long-teased Wizard's Tower in...

One Shots: What am I looking at here?

Sometimes a screenshot ends up in my lap that I stare at for a long time and still have no idea what's going on...

The Stream Team: Stuck in Guild Wars 2’s Secrets of the Obscure grind

It was a case of close, but no cig... er, skyscale. Last week, Massively OP's MJ excitedly finished up all the achievements to get...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 458: PlanetSide 2 in limbo

Justin and Bree discuss Daybreak selling PlanetSide, Nightingale's early access, Islands of Insight's launch, and NCsoft's financials with Guild Wars 2 and Throne & Liberty, with adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, LOTRO, City of Heroes, and SWG Legends, plus a mailbag topic on features we want to see in features for Amazon's LOTR and ZeniMax's Star Wars MMOs.

Guild Wars 2 Secrets of the Obscure: The Realm of Dreams episode launches February 27

The third quarterly chunk of Guild Wars 2's Secrets of the Obscure finally has a name and a date: It's called The Realm of...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG’s graphics hold up long past their due?

When Dark Age of Camelot first hit beta a million years ago, I remember being super impressed with its graphics. Up until that point,...

Classic Guild Wars just count six straight years of uninterrupted uptime

One of the admirable hallmarks of ArenaNet's Guild Wars franchise is that the studio is able to deliver hotfixes, patches, and even expansions without...

Massively Overthinking: The last great year of the MMO genre

I was randomly reading an article about shitposting when I came across a phrase that haunts me. The author referred to 2015 as "what...

Guild Wars 2 previews pre-launch updates to its class weapons proliferation

Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet dropped a fresh dev blog last night on V-day to herald the impending launch of the game's new weapon...

The Stream Team: The final steps for a Guild Wars 2 Skyscale

It has been a long road, but Massively OP's MJ is finally on the last steps to getting her very own skyscale in Guild...

NCsoft Q4 2023: Guild Wars 2 is a bright spot for NCsoft as Throne & Liberty stumbles

NCsoft's Q4 2023 financials weren't the perk-up that investors surely wanted to see: The Korean gaming giant reported a 31% drop in revenues in...

NCsoft updates EULAs for Lineage II, Aion, and Blade & Soul as part of move to Purple

At the top of February we reported on NCsoft's decision to migrate many of its MMOs to its bespoke Purple platform, specifically affecting Blade...

The MOP Up: Fae Farm launches a free demo

Was Fae Farm too rich for you blood? Now you can check it out for free on Nintendo Switch or PC thanks to a...

Vague Patch Notes: MMORPGs and the PC gaming market

I find myself thinking a lot about the MMORPG industry lately and the ways in which the gaming industry as a whole has changed...