New World’s server transfers finally begin tomorrow if initial tests go well


More than three weeks after its rocky launch, Amazon’s New World is finally ready to open server transfers – although it’s not going to do so all at once. It doesn’t want your characters permanently damaged; it will test the system… on the Asia-Pacific Southeast server called Utopia. If everything works out, the team will test on the rest of the region, and if that goes well too, then it’s moving day for everyone. It all begins with tomorrow’s patch; maintenance begins at 1 a.m. EDT.

“When all worlds are back online from downtime, our plan is to monitor the framework we created without turning transfers on immediately. Once we have confirmed that the framework holds up at scale, we will turn on character server transfers in the Utopia world first, in the AP Southeast region. We will closely monitor transfers in this world, and if anything out of the ordinary occurs our team will need to make manual interventions. If all goes well, we will turn it on for the rest of the AP Southeast region, and continue monitoring. If after 8 hours our team hasn’t discovered any issues, we will fully deploy character server transfers to the other regions.”

We’ve already covered the studio’s plans for transferring, which involves claiming a one-time free token from the cash shop, abandoning your guild, clearing out your buy and sell orders, and making your way to a safe spot. You can’t move your toon to a full server, nor can you move it to one where you already have a character already, and since you get only one transfer, that could mean deleting one, though Amazon does suggest that it will “evaluate the need for an additional wave of server transfer tokens to be given out for free.” Eventually, tokens will swap over to a paid service, so you could theoretically just wait for that.

Players curious about tomorrow morning’s downtime will want to further check out the patch notes; the studio’s made adjustments to server selection UI, AFK kicking, client performance comms, chest drops, volume settings, and dyes, along with multiple bug fixes.

And hey, someone over at Amazon has a sense of humor: The studio is releasing a “waiting” emote as a freebie in the cash shop and the “Stoic” title to everyone automatically.

Source: Patch notes
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