Pokemon Unite offers Halloween treats as players fret over tricky prices


Trick or treat, Pokemon Unite fans! Starting October 20th, TiMi Studio Group’s crossplay MOBA will have a plethora of new additions for players, many of which address certain pokemon having little options in terms of customization (but not Cramorant or Crustle, sorry). From the trailer, we can see a new Lucario skin based on Sir Aron, our first Zeraora skin, two new skins for Wigglytuff (up from 0), another new skin for Eldegross, and a Charizard skin.

There’s also going to be new Sword and Shield pokemon Greedent added to the roster, a new (probably Halloween exclusive) mode, and new Halloween cosmetics for players and their Trainer Cards. Normally this is quite exciting, except that the last several skins players have received from the company have cost quite a bit, such as the $20 Firefighter Blastoise or $40 Sacred Alola Nintetails skin. While not as bad as pay-to-win mechanics, players have repeatedly spoken out about the expenses, especially with the latter skin costing about as much as some new games.


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Excessive monetization and pokemon are commonly found together