The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v6.0

And that's a wrap on this year in history! While everyone says farewell to 2022, here at TGA we're always looking way back at...

City of Heroes’ Rebirth and Homecoming rogue servers kick off their respective holiday events

Christmas has come to the rogue servers of City of Heroes, and whether you're looking for some classic festivities or a seasonal event with...

Lost Ark teases December’s Brelshaza Legion Raid, addresses ongoing disconnect issues

We've got one more day of November, but Lost Ark is already looking ahead to its December update: Amazon's posted a dev blog telling...

Old School RuneScape begins applying the first batch of Poll 77 changes

Players of Old School RuneScape voted, Jagex tabulated the results, and now the classic MMORPG is beginning to see the benefits in its latest...

Massively on the Go: Splatoon 3’s Pokemon Collab was fun, but skipping Halloween wasn’t

I want to be upfront first: I am loving Splatoon 3. Building a bit on my post-release opinion of the game, I think there's a lot...

One Shots: Officially up to no good

Hey, I hope everyone had a good week of recovery from all of those MMO Halloween festivities because One Shots is back -- and...

Classic isometric MMORPG Ashen Empires made its Steam debut this fall

This past August we were digging up some old-school funk in the form of Ashen Empires, an isometric old-school MMORPG that first launched in...

Embers Adrift promises changes to its questing and challenge level in reaction to player feedback

With the launch month of October in the rearview mirror of Embers Adrift, the devs are now taking stock of the month that was...

The Stream Team: A very merry Mogloween in AQ3D

Although the anniversary... er, Cursed 20th Anniversary of Doom, distracted Massively OP's MJ in October, she's not about to miss out on the awesomeness...

The Stream Team: Neverwinter’s Halloween festival of falsehoods is Masquerade of Liars

Halloween is all about costumes and pretending to be something your not. Kind of like sanctioned like lying, right? Neverwinter flaunts this fact and...

Star Stable calls Halloween’s soul shards a way to give players the power of choice, but fans largely disagree

Last month, the online horse game Star Stable was among the many MMOs that held a Halloween event that added a bunch of spooky...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 395: The grandma who stole Halloween

Justin and Bree discuss WoW's Dragonflight prepatch, New World's fresh start, Ashes of Creation, Secret World's community mess, and AQ3D's Elvira event, with adventures in WoW, SWG Legends, and City of Heroes.
Boo! Yar.

Atlas turns on its Halloween event with fired pumpkin cannonballs

At the eleventh hour, Atlas rushes into the room holding seven pumpkins, a scythe, two black cats, assorted plastic spiders, and four real spiders...

The Stream Team: Vampires and V Rising for Halloween

Vampires and Halloween go together so perfectly, it's almost like they were made for one another! And with V rising wrapping up its free...

Gloria Victis carves itself out a bloody Halloween update

Did you really think that Gloria Victis would be too caught up in its faction war to break for some spooky fun? The early...

Black Desert is canceling its Halloween events and sales following Itaewon tragedy

Unless you skip international news on the weekends, you likely read about the devastating tragedy in the Itaewon neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea, as...

The MOP Up: ARK’s ultimate survival edition lands on Switch

Everyone's favorite prehistoric survival simulator is making a big splash on the Nintendo Switch this week. ARK: Survival Evolved's base game is becoming available...

The Stream Team: Savoring the spooky season in City of Heroes Homecoming

There's still a little bit of Halloween goodness left in City of Heroes and MOP's Chris is eager to get his fill! He's got...

One Shots: Hamming it up for Halloween

It's that time of year again! That's right, it's National Cat Day (October 29th)! So find the nearest cat, bow deeply to it, and...

The Stream Team: Wandering Wistmead and other Halloween fun in Lord of the Rings Online

It just isn't the Halloween season for Massively OP's MJ until her Hobbit takes a jaunt through the Haunted Burrow in LOTRO. Along with...