World of Warcraft announces Plunderstorm, a pirate-themed battle royale mode

There's very little gold in these gym mats.

Blizzard has apparently had enough of merely teasing World of Warcraft’s pirate-esque update with icons and winks: It’s officially announced what it’s calling Plunderstorm. It’s pretty much a pirate-themed battle royale, using fresh characters – not your existing MMORPG toons – for some “limited time” esports amusement.

“With the release of the 10.2.6 content update, players can get swept away in the Plunderstorm – a fun, new, limited-time, pirate-themed event of prodigious proportions lasting the next several weeks,” the studio says. “Scour the map and try to be the last pirate standing while dashing across the Arathi Highlands to find abilities, upgrades, and loot to plunder just to survive!”

“Plunge into a challenging battle that earns excellent rewards for World of Warcraft® Modern and Classic progression realms. All you have to do is survive… and plunder. Can’t seem to stay in the realm of the living? No problem. Plunderers still gain progression that helps unlock new rewards. Each match is 10-15 minutes long and has 60 players per match, with the winner being the last one standing. Level up and acquire new abilities and spells by killing creatures and enemies, looting chests, and avoiding the encroaching storm.”

Do note that Classic players have to install the retail client to play it, and they may want to, as presumably at least the cosmetics will transfer back to the MMORPG you came to play.

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