battle royale

Siege-centered PvP MMO Warlander makes its free-to-play launch, is immediately flooded with cheaters

A few weeks ago we caught wind of Warlander, a self-described MMO focused on online castle siege warfare with up to 100 players that...

One of Ubisoft’s canceled games was a PvP team battle arena dubbed Project Q

In covering Ubisoft's ongoing clownshow - the mass-game cancelations, the sixth delay of Skull & Bones, the CEO gaffe, and the impending worker strike...

Bullet-hell battle royale game Dominance launches into Steam early access open beta

Does the world need another battle royale? How about a self-proclaimed "first bullet-hell battle royale"? We're about to find out, as Cyprus-based studio Stage23...

Warlander may be the ultimate castle siege MMO you’ve been seeking

If the absolute best part of any PvP experience is taking part of the chaos and struggle of castle sieges, then keep an eye...

Apex Legends’ latest update prepares a collection event, brings back control mode, and allows private matches

The battle royale shooter Apex Legends would like players to gather up as many goodies as possible - 24 things to be exact -...

Fight or Kite: Hi-Rez’s shooter Rogue Company is a less-punishing Valorant

High-intensity, action-packed matches are my bread and butter these days. If I can find a game that keeps my attention long enough to even...

Blizzard-owned studio Proletariat announces plans to form a union

Workers at a third studio owned by Activision-Blizzard are planning to organize: Proletariat, which readers may recall was the studio behind battle royale game...

ARK promotes its animated series, launches spin-off battle royale

Cartoons based on popular video games is as old as, well, video games themselves. Anyone remember the Captain N, Pole Position, Super Mario Bros.,...

Interview: Warhaven’s game director on combat, inspiration, and the future of the game

Warhaven caught my attention with its epic medieval battles featuring hand-to-hand combat and fantastic graphics. It's an upcoming game that recently had an open...

Fortnite Season 4 brings an updated map with territory control, dirt bikes, and more guest characters

The new season of Fortnite has officially arrived, and it's once again tossing as many things into its stew pot as possible in the...

The MOP Up: Another look back at Final Fantasy XI’s history

Final Fantasy XI continued its series of retrospective interviews, this time sitting down with former GM Toshio Murouchi to talk about the history and...
So spooky.

Tower of Fantasy adds a new area and new challenges with today’s 2.1 update

Who wants to go underground in Tower of Fantasy and explore a dangerous collapsing structure filled with things that want to kill you? What...

Call of Duty Warzone’s 2.0 update introduces the ability for players to squad up with enemy teams

Battle royale shooters are usually the kind of game where shoot first and ask questions later is the watchword, particularly since it's a fight...

The Daily Grind: Should the MMO genre take another stab at esports?

A few years ago, there was a concerted push in the MMO genre to design, amplify, and boost esports, and I don't just mean...
Hmm. Appears I'm still alive.

Krafton Q3 2022: PUBG earns ‘steady retention’ after F2P switch as the company angles to expansion

The third quarter earnings report from Krafton, aka the company that owns PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and TERA, isn't full of what one might call mind-blowing...
Again, this is RuneScape.

Old School RuneScape’s Winter Summit event will outline early 2023 content on December 10

If you're among those players of Old School RuneScape who are curious about what's coming to the MMORPG next year, then you've got an...

Apex Legends launches its Eclipse season with a new character, new map, and the ability to send gifts

Presumably, most of what people gift one another in Apex Legends is headshots, but as of the game's newest season, actual gifts can be...

Astellia Online is back again as a crummy blockchain MMO called Astel of Atra

I'm sure you folks all remember Astellia Online: It was a South Korean import that launched here in 2019; we called it a "solidly...

Fortnite celebrates the original Star Wars trilogy with skins and weapons during its Skywalker Week event

The battle royale-cum-pop culture blender pitcher that is Fortnite is at it again. Starting today, the shooter is kicking off a Skywalker Week celebration...

Korean battle royale shooter Super People has officially entered early access in the west

Do you remember Super People? It's a battle royale shooter, so it might have blended in with the gaming furniture a bit; this one...