Kickstarted MMO sandbox Fractured Online swings into early access today


As promised, Fractured Online is officially moving from beta to early access as of this morning.

MMO readers will remember that Fractured Online – then going by just Fractured – was originally Kickstarted back in 2018 for over $130,000 as an indie economy-and-PvP-focused sandbox MMORPG from Italian company Dynamight Studios. At the tail end of 2021, Dynamight announced that it had signed on with Gamigo to publish the game and bring it to its ready state.

The early access launch rolls the buy-to-play MMO out to Steam players (where previously Gamigo’s Glyph launcher was required). Today’s launch update also includes the long-awaited Wildfolk beast races and subclasses, the planet Arboreus, and guild seasons.

“In addition to the inclusion of a new planet and race, the Steam Early Access launch marks another major milestone: Seasons. Members of a guild will be able to fulfill certain in-game actions to receive Season Points for their group. Each point brings a guild one step closer to the top of the leaderboards. The guild standing at the top will earn unique prizes that offer a number of bonuses, including City Relics capable of generating special buffs.”

“[W]e are very hard at work to get Fractured Online ready for full launch by improving the new player experience and expanding end-game content,” Dynamight CEO Jacopo Gallelli notes.

Source: Press release, Steam, official site
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