MMORPG sandbox Fractured’s Kickstarter has just fully funded at over $130,000


Phew! A few weeks ago, I was not confident that Fractured’s Kickstarter was going to make it, but it cleared its goal with just a few days to go, and now the Kickstarter has ended, having successfully funded at over $130,000 US (well past its $116,817 goal) with 1050 backers.

The SpatialOS game caught our attention when it surfaced a year ago thanks to its anti-grind sentiment, its focus on opt-in PvP, its detailed lore, and of course, its Star Wars Galaxies-esque player city systems. Fractured’s isometric view might make it look more like Albion Online, a game with which it will likely be competing, but its lack of forced PvP will hopefully endear it to a wider playerbase.

“Funding of Fractured will continue on our website,, once the Kickstarter campaign is over,” Dynamight Studios says. “You’ll be able to buy a pledge pack or upgrade to a higher one (if available) once Kickstarter pledges have been integrated with Fractured accounts.” Note that it’ll include funding for future stretch goals too, so things like the Labyrinth levels, enhanced character creation, and animal taming aren’t entirely out of the question.

The first leg of alpha is expected to begin by the end of the year, with beta planned for 2020 and a full launch in 2021.

Here’s a look at a slice of our Fractured coverage to date!

Source: Kickstarter. Cheers, Luvly!
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