You’ll need a planetary astronomy degree to understand Fractured’s lore

And staying so.

Earlier this summer, we first wrote about Fractured, yet another SpatialOS MMO currently under construction since this past January. If it’s not on your radar yet, maybe it should be, as it’s touting planetary colonization, crafting, housing, skill- and reflex-based combat, and most interestingly, no grind and no forced PvP.

This week, Dynamight Studios whipped up a new feature spotlight covering the universe from a lore standpoint, including eclipses, which might have been a really cool thing to reveal last week, yeah? I’m teasing about the astronomy degree, of course. The gist is that there’s a single solar system with a planet, Elysium, that split into three others, each with its own “gaming experiences,” biomes, and diurnal cycles for players, including events and seasonal cycle mechanics depending on where the planets are in their orbits at any given time.

“As punishment for having plunged Elysium into chaos, the two new planets have been designed to orbit each other around a common barycenter, giving birth to what in astronomy is known as a binary system. This peculiar structure leads the two planets to regularly obscure each other through long eclipses, which have a deep impact on the lives of demons and humans alike.”

There’s a nifty section on travel and exploration as well; the studio notes you’ll need to eat properly, dress properly, and rest properly while traveling. And don’t be expecting to pull a horse from your pocket; you’ll need wagons and pack animals to move your stuff around.

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