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Fractured updates players on the tech tree and studio investment while delaying its next test

You probably don't need anyone to tell you that the winter test for Fractured is not taking place in February, due to certain little indicators...
You may recognize this design from your own tabletop history. Or something like it.

Fractured will have another open playtest starting on May 26

If you missed your previous chance to check out the world of Fractured, you've got yourself another shot. The devs are once more having...

Fractured’s next round of alpha testing adds social features, new abilities, and stealth gameplay

In what's likely a happy surprise for backers of the sandbox MMORPG Fractured, the next round of alpha testing is going to introduce a...

Fractured announces first pre-alpha test starting this month, delays alpha until next year

The team at Dynamight Studios has announced that its crowdfunded sandbox MMO Fractured will be entering pre-alpha testing this week. The test phase will...

Fractured announces the opening of its virtual store

Developer Dynamight Studios, creator of in-development crowdfunded MMO Fractured, has announced the opening of the Fractured store, "which marks the reboot of crowdfunding for...
You may recognize this design from your own tabletop history. Or something like it.

Kickstarted MMO Fractured shows off its Alpha 1 map of Myr

The first alpha test for Fractured has not yet begun, but you can get a taste of what it'll be like with a look...

Fractured is hosting a livestream on crafting and building today

Want to know more about crafting and building in Fractured as the game has passed its 75% funding mark? Good news, you'll have a...

Fractured releases development roadmap as Kickstarter campaign enters final weeks

Dynamight Studios has released a development roadmap for its would-be crowdfunded MMO Fractured, which is currently sitting at $66,907 US of its goal of...
Success is arriving.

Fractured is just over 40% funded as the developers show off more of the game

The earliest moments of a Kickstarter can be the most nail-biting, as doing well early on can often determine whether or not the project...

SpatialOS MMORPG sandbox Fractured has just gone live with its $116K Kickstarter

If you've been following Fractured and SpatialOS as long as we have, then you're probably right on top of the game's Kickstarter launch today....

Fractured rallies fans for Kickstarter with a gameplay teaser

With hopefully all of the elements in place for a successful campaign, the team behind intriguing sandbox MMORPG Fractured said that it's ready to take...
And staying so.

Fractured plans its Kickstarter for June while showing off its pre-alpha

Those looking forward to Fractured will have a chance to put their money where their mouths are in June, because that's when the game...

Fractured introduces its complex horizontal leveling system

Since this past summer, we've had our eye on Fractured, yet another SpatialOS MMO on the way to hard drives everywhere. If it’s not on...
And staying so.

You’ll need a planetary astronomy degree to understand Fractured’s lore

Earlier this summer, we first wrote about Fractured, yet another SpatialOS MMO currently under construction since this past January. If it's not on your radar...

Anti-grind MMO Fractured introduces its playable races, including vampires and bear-kin

Last month, we introduced our readers to Fractured, yet another SpatialOS MMO currently under construction since this past January. Its chief claims to fame...

Fractured introduces free community reward system, rejects ‘RTM cashbacks’

Getting confused over Fractured and Fragmented? Me too! Let's add another into the mix: The Foundation! Actually, no, let's back up. Fractured is a...
And staying that way.

SpatialOS-powered Fractured is a sandbox MMO without the grind or forced PvP

The burgeoning SpatialOS empire has a new member state this week, as Italy-based Dynamight Studios announced that it is making Fractured using the world-building platform. Fractured...