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Fractured Online’s Endgame Changer patch was delayed over tech problems but should be live today

Yesterday's Fractured Online patch release did not exactly go to plan. Dynamight Studios aimed to roll out the Endgamer Changer yesterday morning; the update marked...

Fractured Online’s Endgame Changer patch goes live today with new mounts and more

Today is the big day for Dynamight Studio's Fractured Online, as the game gets its first major patch post-early access. Its second early access....

Fractured previews Endgame Changer’s primal energy, enchanting, and potion systems

Earlier this month, Dynamight Studios announced a big update for early access MMORPG sandbox Fractured Online. The so-called Endgame Changer patch is expected to...

Perfect Ten: The 10 phases of MMORPG pre-launch hysteria

One of my private theories about MMO players -- one I'm now making public -- is that we all have the collective memories of...

Indie MMO sandbox Fractured Online unveils its Endgame Changer patch coming February 21

Kickstarted sandbox Fractured has been teasing a big endgame overhaul for a few weeks now, setting the date for February 21st, and now the...

Diablo Immortal’s Tong-Shi’s Renewal celebrates Lunar New Year early starting tomorrow

Tomorrow's Diablo Immortal update ushers in the Diablo equivalent of Lunar New Year celebrations with Tong-Shi's Renewal limited-time event. "Tong-Shi—a god of the Xian pantheon—invites...

Fractured Online suffered two more rollbacks and replaced server in nasty ‘streak of bad luck’

Fractured Online just can't catch a break: Following a duping exploit, hard drive failure, and day-long rollback, the early access sandbox MMORPG is now...

Fractured Online’s duping and hard drive downtime turns into 24-hour rollback

Fractured Online is dealing with yet another round of chaos this week. Readers will recall that a duping-related downtime this weekend was compounded by...

Fractured Online weathers downtime over a dupe exploit and a failing hard drive

If there's an MMO community that's more twitchy about hacks than Fractured Online, we haven't met it. Nervous attitudes are to be expected, too,...

The MOP Up: World of Warcraft wraps up Dragonflight’s esports tournaments

The final esports tournaments for World of Warcraft's Dragonflight era are coming in the first part of 2024, with the Arena World Championship taking...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding stories of 2023

Welcome to a special end-of-the-year edition of Make My MMO, the MassivelyOP column where we - well, I - keep tabs on all of...

Fractured sets its sights on balancing abilities, monsters, PvP, and gear

The Great Tuning that began last week in Fractured Online continues as developer Dynamight Studios is making balance and adjustments its top priority in...

Working As Intended: The hits and misses of our 2023 MMO predictions

We've been offering up an MMO predictions list for Massively Overthinking for years upon years now as our writers and readers prognosticate on the...

EverQuest’s Laurion’s Song, the MMORPG’s 30th expansion, brings players to a fractured inn of heroes

Releasing 30 expansions is a significant milestone for any MMORPG, and few others can claim that crown, including EverQuest, which has released the Laurion's...

Fractured’s devs smacked it with a nerf bat to reduce ‘crazy solo speedy farming’

Fractured Online's been in early access (again) for only a few weeks, but it's already cranking out patches, and the most recent tackles some...

The MOP Up: Dragon and Home goes to the Blazing Desert

Dragon and Home warmed up a chilly winter with the debut of its third continent, the Blazing Desert. "This vast world presents the splendor of...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 447: MMO hackers, headstarts, and proliferations

Justin and Bree discuss the hackings of Ethyrial and Fractured, Palia's beta update, City of Titan's test launch, World of Warcraft's paid expansion headstart, and Guild Wars 2's weapon proliferation beta, with adventures in Project Gorgon, LOTRO, Fallout 76, and WoW.

Fractured Online sold 5000 copies, devs post short-term update roadmap and more stats

Most of the time we're left to educated guesses, supposition, or cutting through the Gordian knot of investor report double-speak when it comes to...

Diablo Immortal ushers in Season 20 and teases ‘something familiar’ coming to the MMO

How are we already at Season 20 for Diablo Immortal? Maybe we entered a time anomaly and skipped ahead a bit. Look at the...

Fractured Online’s player city restoration is underway following malicious hack last weekend

Since this past weekend, the fledgling second early access of Fractured Online has been tarnished by the actions of a malicious hacker, who according...