19-year-old EverQuest II’s 20th expansion, Ballads of Zimara, launches today


Don’t look now, but EverQuest II’s 2023 expansion, Ballads of Zimara, is quietly launching today. Wait, no, look now. Daybreak is quiet, but we don’t have to be. The game is 19 years old, and this is its 20th expansion, even if you don’t count the adventure packs. It deserves some hoopla.

“Ballads of Zimara features a level cap increase to 130 for adventure and tradeskills levels, new solo, heroic, and raid zones, new quests, and much more,” Daybreak says. “Also new for this year, expand your arsenal interactively with Advanced Research and re-challenge your favorite encounters with whole new twists in Chrono Dungeons.”

According to Daybreak’s downtime notice this morning, we’re probably looking at 3 p.m. EST for launch if all goes well. For folks who haven’t already preordered, the cheapest buy-in is still $35. Patch notes – including tweaks for multiple classes – are already up!

Source: Patch notes
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