Fractured Online’s Endgame Changer patch goes live today with new mounts and more


Today is the big day for Dynamight Studio’s Fractured Online, as the game gets its first major patch post-early access. Its second early access. It’s complicated, but it’s alive, which is more than we can say for so many Kickstarted MMORPG sandboxes.

Endgame Changer goes live today at 10 a.m. EST, the “product of three months of work” for the eight-person studio. It includes basic revamps to balance, loot, the UI, quality-of-life, progression, PvP, enchanting, mobs, potions, mounts, and PvP fortresses.

Last night, Dynamight’s Jacopo Gallelli released the final preview video for the patch, and it might be the most intriguing as it includes a run-down on the mount revamp, intended to make mounts useful and desirable. Gallelli further discusses the new Ranger abilities and fortress siege enhancements.

Source: YouTube
Well, that did not go to plan. Apparently, the studio has now postponed the launch over technical issues.

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