Nightingale’s early access launches to mixed Steam reviews, performance hotfixing, and a growing playerbase

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With the first 24 hours of Nightingale’s early access release almost behind it, we’re doing the usual thing where we collect overall initial impressions and recount how things have started for the gaslamp survivalbox. And the best summary of the title’s first day is “mixed.”

That’s a direct reference to the mixed user reviews on Steam so far, as most people have raised complaints over the online nature of the title even in solo play and the associated connection issues some players are experiencing. Others are calling out general performance issues as well, though many fans on Reddit and the game’s Discord have had some wildly variable experiences in that regard.

In terms of general player reception, chatter and user reviews seems to swing between those with no patience for server issues and those who are enjoying themselves despite the wrinkles. Players are also doing their best to share information with one another, including making a realm card wiki. Altogether Nightingale saw just over 47K players in its first 24-hour peak.

On the subject of performance, the game’s first hotfix went out this morning to address GPU memory errors as well as keybinding weirdness and a bug that would crash the game if players pressed a very specific combination of keys. Other bugs are being collected in a related Discord channel to try and fix a variety of issues from party forming problems to finding a missing doggie friend. Basically, Nightingale’s first day has been a little bit of everything. Or mixed.

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