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The Survivalist: First impressions of Conan Exiles’ Isle of Siptah expansion

Framed. Convicted. Exiled. Now, shipwrecked? What do the fates have in store for me next? Perhaps this Isle of Siptah will be my redress....

The Survivalist: Astroneer’s worst mistake was using Nitrado servers

Wonder rant powers, activate! It's been a long while since I have been pushed to the point of activating rant mode. I can be chill...

The Survivalist: Astroneer adds automation (and it’s awesome)

Astroneer is already an awesome game. Even as a survival game, it is my go-to for chill fun. It scratches the mega harvesting...

Not So Massively: I like survival mechanics, not survival games

When I played We Happy Few, one of the things that surprised me the most was how much I enjoyed the survival mechanics....

The Stream Team: An Astroneer underground bunker

After a rocky first week on her Astroneer dedicated server, Massively OP's MJ cannot wait to get in and work on her rocky underground...

The Stream Team: Pouncing on PixARK’s free anniversary weekend

If you have wanted to give PixARK a try, now is your chance! There's a free weekend going on until Monday, June 1st, in...

The Survivalist: Astroneer launches persistent multiplayer servers

Sometimes the gaming gods do listen! Sometimes you do get your wish. Sometimes your heart's desires are granted. And that sometime is now! From day...

The Stream Team: Astroneer’s clean up event

EXO has introduced a better way for folks to clean up Astoneer's planets, and it's encouraging everyone to do just that with some special...

The Survivalist: Last Oasis virtual dev tour highlights nomadic life and offline safety

At this stage of the survival genre game, you need more than just a novel idea for the setting. You need unique features to...

The Survivalist: Is Conan Exiles done with free DLC – or are we getting a true expansion?

While Funcom's latest investor note focused mainly on DUNE, there was a little tidbit of big import nestled in there about the current...

The Daily Grind: Do survival sandboxes and/or battle royale games have a future?

We saw the end of REND. I'm sad about that. I liked REND, I thought it had neat ideas, but it had a problem wherein...

The Survivalist: So Funcom’s DUNE will be a survival game, not an MMO

Remember back in February of last year when we learned that Funcom inked an exclusive deal for at least three games based on...

The Survivalist: My top 20 survival game goals for 2020, part the second

With so many survival titles out there, it's no wonder I couldn't contain my full list of new year goals in a single

The Survivalist: My top 20 survival game goals for 2020, part the first

You might say that I like survival games. You should say it because I really, really do. Especially games that let me explore and...

Creature survival sandbox Day of Dragons flaps its way into early access

Have you ever found yourself the khaleesi of an exotic nation and, somehow, misplaced your dragons? You could throw beautiful temper tantrums about it...

Physical power armor helmet from Fallout 76 is being recalled due to mold

Remember when the worst thing about Fallout 76 merch was a crappy canvas bag? Get ready to feel the bottom dropping out...

Citadel: Forged with Fire’s newest hype video features its creatures

We told you that Citadel: Forged with Fire was going to start cranking out videos and pressers all about what it has...

The Survivalist Soapbox: Astroneer’s moon landing update is a time-limited online event done right

I could definitely write a Why I Play on Astroneer (and maybe I still will!) because there are so many reasons this...

The Survivalist: Conan Exile’s underwater dungeon rises above expectations

A dungeon is a dungeon, right? And adding a single dungeon to a game is not really a big deal. In most cases, that...

The Survivalist: The perils of breeding pets in PixARK, chapter two

There is wrong, and then there is perilously wrong. The kind of wrong so dangerous that the odds of your heart finally recovering are...