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NetEase’s survivalbox Once Human readies a November beta test and projects a Q4 2023 launch window

Back in June we were aimed in the direction of Once Human, a multiplayer survival sandbox from developer Starry Studio and publisher NetEase that...
All things go, all things go.

Terraria announces a 2023 update that will feature crossover content from metroidvania game Dead Cells

We're back once again to point out that pixel-art multiplayer survivalbox Terraria still isn't done updating itself despite what it called a final update...

Osiris New Dawn mulls over its latest update’s pros, cons, and adjustment work ahead

The latest update made to sci-fi survivalbox Osiris: New Dawn applied a variety of changes, most notably a completed story mode and a number...

Dune Awakening shares a sizzle reel about its cinematic trailer and another picture of lasguns

Are you ready for some hot and spicy multimedia out of Dune: Awakening? Then feast your eyes on lasguns and a Twitter video, friends....

Nightingale discusses its first closed alpha, character progression, and building system in new video

If seeing Nightingale reference its realm card mechanic for the umpteenth time has gotten to you, then you'll be happy to note that the...

V Rising launches a randomizer preset, lands on GeForce Now, and preps for a free play weekend

So, what's going on in the vampire survivalbox V Rising? Not much in terms of earth-shattering developments, but there have been a couple of...

Among Us (literally) crash lands in pixel art survival sandbox Tinkertown with a special collab quest

You probably wouldn't consider that a retro art survival sandbox and a multiplayer deceive-em-up would go together, but that's precisely what's happening in the...

Funcom’s Dune Awakening teases landscapes and concept art

Are you curious about how Funcom's latest survivalbox Dune: Awakening will play? Too bad, you will continue to get pictures and you will like...

Atlas plans floating bases, more taming tools, and additional single-player support for Season 10

Atlas is once again full of promise and has its eyes set on the immediate future in its Season 10 roadmap, which is looking...

Last Oasis promises map adjustments and PvP content, ponders whether it should have PvE at all

Season 5 of Last Oasis was originally meant to bring a PvE focus - albeit a "brutal" one - but it looks like the...

Last Oasis implements rarity adjustments and teases Season 5 content updates

When last we heard from Last Oasis, the survivalbox was planning on adjustments to map rarity while also shifting gears to tie that to...

Dune Awakening gives curious players weekly concept art sneak peeks on its website

If you've been hungry for more details about Dune: Awakening after its Gamescom reveal, you're unfortunately going to have to wait for something more...

Modders are transforming Mordhau into an open world multiplayer survival sandbox

Most are familiar with Mordhau as a "multiplayer medieval slasher" that pits teams of players against one another in first-person or third-person melee combat;...

Grounded introduces a shared worlds feature to make it easier for friends to play together

Earlier this week in a MOP Up post we cast a light on Grounded, a survivalbox that tasks players with living in the wilds...
Are you v rising me

V Rising’s first series of regular official server wipes begins this week

Earlier this month, players of V Rising were informed that the game would begin running regular server wipes in the interest of keeping gameplay...

Fractured Veil adds talent points, improves the siege system, and finishes starting zone renovations

While the testing of Fractured Veil is still pretty exclusive right now, that hasn't stopped the devs at Paddle Creek Games from continuing to...

Fractured Veil previews visual updates made to starting locations and a new base item

Players of the zombie survivalbox Fractured Veil are likely very familiar with the Thorcon Power Plant, which serves as a social hub and the...

Fractured Veil’s updated sound design will bring tweetier birds, noisier wood, and juicier slashes

Good sound design can often go unnoticed as it immerses players in the game's world and provides feedback for what's happening in-game, and while...

V Rising introduces an offline mode and other general fixes as sales crest one million copies

The vampiric survivalbox V Rising appears to be going from strength to strength in its initial week of early access. Seven days have passed...

Not So Massively: First impressions of V Rising, launching into early access today

I'm still searching for a survival game that fits me. I enjoy a lot of the survival experience, but the games as a whole...