Lost Skies recaps shipbuilding, sky bosses, and the damageability of everything in the game


Video game logic often dictates that if a tree falls on top of a house, that house will remain unfazed as the felled tree bounces off of it. That likely won’t be the case in the PvE airship survivalbox Lost Skies, which begins its May 2024 development report by confirming a unified damage system is in place. What this means is that anything can damage anything, so if players really want to cut down trees by using firearms, they’re welcome to; it won’t be efficient, but it could be fun.

A stated major focus for developer Bossa Studios over the next two months will be shipbuilding, with a major effort to introduce multiple quality-of-life features that the team has been compiling. One such update is improvements to ship piece rotation, placement, and snapping, with a video to match. The post also shows off an updated shipyard, which will have multiple levels that increase the number of ship sections and overall ship complexity as players progress.

Another big piece of this month’s update is about enemies, with a look at a UI element that announces when a sky boss is nearby, some concept artwork peeks at modular pieces for one such boss, and a brief rundown of AI work for smaller foes. The post also has a look at some new UI elements and more Region 2 assets that have been built.

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