Conan Exiles slows down its update cadence for chapters and puts the kibosh on battle passes in its next Age


Conan Exiles is always evolving, and so is the way our team develops it,” opens Funcom’s latest update post, and sure enough the cadence of content updates is changing with the survivalbox’s latest patch as well as into the future for its chapters and Ages.

First, chapter updates will arrive roughly every six months instead of every three months, with smaller patches scheduled to arrive in-between each. This slower update cadence is intended to bring Exiles back into a stated “sweet spot” of quality, quantity, and the type of content each update brings.

This leads into plans for the next series of Age updates, which will see the end of battle passes and instead move creation of battle pass content to several different areas such as creating chapter content and updates. The current Age of War battle pass will continue as scheduled, but it will ultimately be the last, while cash shop items and bundles will still be on offer.

Speaking of updates, the latest patch has brought back the bounty hunter event complete with new rewards, introduced a new downed state for thralls, added some new cash shop items, and made a couple of fixes. As for the next Age in Exiles, more details are promised in August.

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