RvR stands for “realm vs. realm,” usually a reference to faction-based player-vs.-player warfare, and frequently (though not always) in the context of more than two realms.

Star Wars: The Old Republic development is moving from BioWare to Broadsword

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, BioWare poured an insane amount of money, developers, and voice talent into making Star...

World of Warcraft announces price hikes on subscription plans for Turkiye and Ukraine

Fans of World of Warcraft who live in Turkiye and Ukraine are seeing some bad news this week, as Blizzard has confirmed that the...

The MOP Up: CDPR lays off the rest of Gwent’s dev team

As CD Projekt Red prepares to end development of its card battler Gwent, it announced that it'll be letting the remaining 30 developers on...
Yeah, we're getting into the stones here.

Storyboard: Managing the escalating stakes in MMO storytelling

Everyone who has at least passing familiarity with stories, whether they be in MMOs or elsewhere, roleplayed or canonical, realizes that stories need stakes....

Star Citizen maps out Arena Commander updates for alpha 3.20, leading to mixed reaction from players

Yesterday saw Star Citizen release its roadmap and related roundup post for the game, offering backers a nebulous view of what alpha 3.20 is...
Pay to lose.

Perfect Ten: Get out of my dreams and get into my (MMO) car

Cars. They go vroom-vroom, and then they go really fast, and how do we live in a country where you basically need a car...

Here are the full patch notes for tomorrow’s Lord of the Rings Online Gondor Renewed

It's really happening, and it's happening soon: Players return to the refreshed Gondor aka King's Gondor in tomorrow's Lord of the Rings Online Update...

RuneScape unveils its groundbreaking Necromancy skill in a ghostly new trailer

Would-be masters of undeath in Jagex's RuneScape should drag their flesh and bones over to YouTube right now to see the studio unveil the...

Fight or Kite: Hero Realms is a true evolution of Star Realms and Ascension

Good news, everyone! I’ve found another card-wielding dueler that absolutely hits it out of the park. I’m talking about one that sets it up,...
Hey, dude.

WoW Factor: Blizzard’s week of bad decisions

First of all, before you clever clogs start in down in the comments, yes, I realize that almost any given week in World of...

Blizzard suggests WoW Token RMT in WoW Classic is ‘for the good of the community’ because of RMT bots

World of Warcraft's WoW Classic community has been on fire for the last few days following Blizzard's announcement that it will port the WoW...
See, that's the joke of the name.

Perfect Ten: 10 old MMO promises that never happened

Developers like to talk a big game. It's expected, it's encouraged by all parties, and it's part of the fun. When a game or...

Conan Exiles announces June 22 Age of War as Age of Conan’s 15th anniversary slips by in silence

Funcom may have let Saturday's 15th birthday of Age of Conan slip by unheralded and unremarked, but it did take the moment to announce...

Classic MMO Dark Age of Camelot keeps tanks from climbing all over the walls in its latest patch

A new patch is up on Dark Age of Camelot's Pendragon test realm, and this one may spell the end of some shenanigans by...

War Thunder walks back economy changes following review bombing campaign

The outcry from players of War Thunder has been a success. Gaijin Entertainment was planning to continue applying what it called a "rank-based economy"...

LOTRO Legendarium: Amazon plays at making a Lord of the Rings MMO… again

Weren't we just here? I mean, that's what everyone's thinking, am I right? It was just three years ago that I penned a column about...

Warhammer Return of Reckoning celebrates Sigmartag events with nice crispy bacon

Rogue server Warhammer: Return of Reckoning is not running an event about sausages, but also it kind of is! Happy Friday: It's Sigmartag. "Bells toll...
wait what

WoW Factor: Tarisland and the cargo cult of World of Warcraft

We've all made jokes about Tarisland being "we have World of Warcraft at home." That's just a fun thing to make jokes about, and...

Fight or Kite: Star Realms just might be the perfect blend of deckbuilder and dueler

While I was away on a trip over the last few weeks, I was able to play Star Realms, a deckbuilder that I expected...

PlanetSide 2 brings improvements to base construction and a series’ 20th anniversary event on May 17

Whether you're the kind of player who wants to build bases or an old salt that's ready to mark 20 years of frantic FPS...