Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.4, The Dark Throne, is live today – check out the launch trailer


It’s time to face off against Golbez in Final Fantasy XIV. Not necessarily right this second, though; you’ll need to figure out how to face him holed up on the moon on the Thirteenth, which will no doubt form the basis of the MSQ at the start of the patch today. Yes, patch 6.4 is here and players can pursue the conclusion of the Golbez storyline, the conclusion of the Pandæmonium storyline, and the conclusion of the “waiting for new spaces to explore in the Island Sanctuary” storyline that’s not actually a storyline but just a thing you do where you gather animals and crops.

The full patch notes are up on the official site, with a variety of small balance tweaks for various jobs (including a general boost of most party-wide abilities to a full 30-yalm distance) and balance changes for PvP. There are also known issues listed, including a rare crash bug that can be encountered if you have specific windows open on your Island Sanctuary when the clock strikes midnight. (So, you know… don’t do that.) Check out the full patch notes and dive in as soon as you’re able. You wouldn’t want to keep Golbez waiting on the moon, would you? Actually, maybe you would, that guy’s a jerk. Make him wait for a bit.

In other FFXIV news, there’s a giant thread on the official forums about the ongoing lag problems in the game; on page 51, the studio confirms it and says it’s working on it.

“Thank you for your cooperation as we look into the recent network delays and/or packet loss experienced by some users playing on the North American data centers. While our investigation is still ongoing, we’ve been able to confirm that the issues are caused by a network connection somewhere between our servers and those affected, rather than the FFXIV servers or equipment themselves. At this time, we’ve forwarded a request to the relevant network carrier to locate the root of the issues; however, we believe it may expedite the investigation if those affected were to notify their internet service provider, which we understand some of you have already done. We apologize for making another request of those experiencing the recent network issues, but would be grateful if you could also report the situation to your internet service provider so that they are aware as well.”

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