final fantasy xiv

Official Site: Final Fantasy XIV
Studio: Square Enix
Launch Date: September 30, 2010; relaunched August 27, 2013
Genre: Fantasy Hybrid Themepark
Business Model: Subscription (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, PS3, PS4

One Shots: Your moment of zen

When life -- and even gaming -- gets too hectic, where do you retreat to in order to find some peace and quiet? We...
The hour is nearly here.

Final Fantasy XIV reveals its schedule for the final Fan Festival in Tokyo

A destination! A new job! Possibly another job! More about new races that has been significantly complicated recently! New areas! Awesome outfits! Yes,...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s mysterious Hrothgar text has no good explanation

It was just supposed to be a minor patch for Final Fantasy XIV and it's touched off a huge flurry of confusion. Someone in...

Massively Overthinking: Showing up vs. showing off in MMOs

Last week's Daily Grind about ambient sociability got a lot of MMO gamers talking about that desire to have people around, even if...

Vague Patch Notes: On play conditioning and the lecture of experience in MMOs

Yes, it's another week in which we talk about abstract concepts that underpin the way we play video games, this time inspired by a...
I'm not back on any BS, I never left it.

Perfect Ten: 10 MMOs I’m optimistic about in 2019

It's still early enough in 2019 to do articles about the upcoming year, right? Well, I'm doing this one anyway, so if it's too...
The fear is real.

A Final Fantasy XIV localization glitch hints at a second new race for Shadowbringers

Everyone knew ahead of time that Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.55 would contain no further story advancements. And it doesn't... or, more accurately,...
Keeping your garden.

Final Fantasy XIV releases Hydratos in patch 4.55 and updates its conduct rules

It's time to finish up Eureka in Final Fantasy XIV, as today marks the release of the fourth and final area, Hydratos....
Sing a song of madness.

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV’s pre-Shadowbringers roadmap

We're almost done with the fan festival hype cycle, and to be honest, that's kind of a relief. Not that I don't enjoy looking...

One Shots: Diet lightsabers

I think it's about high time we got a Star Wars game in which lightsabers functioned properly as instruments that could melt or slice...
Things could be going better!

Square-Enix’s latest financials show a decrease in sales and profits for the past nine months

The latest financial report for Square-Enix is out for the prior nine months of operation, and it's not a great report for the...
No, this is Amh Araeng.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers page on Steam accidentally reveals an additional zone

It's the day when everyone gets to buy the third Final Fantasy XIV expansion, or at least pre-order it. And it turns out that...
To be fair, these are gates.

Final Fantasy XIV opens up pre-orders for Shadowbringers

The third expansion for Final Fantasy XIV launches on July 2nd, but if you're a player for the game you are likely already hyped...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 207: Bunny girls throughout Eorzea

Justin and Bree discuss Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, Legends of Aria, RuneScape, Elder Scrolls Online, LOTRO, and Warframe, with mailbag topics on MMO endgames and battle royale modes in MMOs.
See a gun, break it.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida shares more details about the reasoning behind Shadowbringers revelations

The second part of the Final Fantasy XIV fan festival trilogy has wrapped up, and Japanese gaming site Game Watch has sat down...
And ANOTHER goddamn thing!

Final Fantasy XIV’s basic edition is free for Twitch Prime users until May

With a new expansion on the way in July and a continual schedule of content updates, you may very well be tempted to try...
Look, it just... it really does look like Alisaie.

Wisdom of Nym: Impressions from the second Final Fantasy XIV fan festival

The experience of a Final Fantasy XIV fan festival is a distinct one, a strange beast that sort of creeps into your existence...

Final Fantasy XIV’s collaboration event with Final Fantasy XV arrives in mid-April

If you're one of the people who has been waiting eagerly for the crossover event between Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV, you will...

Jukebox Heroes: The Final Fantasy XIV soundtrack that disappeared

First there was the initial release of Final Fantasy XIV. Everyone generally agreed that this was a bad idea, and so it was...

One Shots: Time for the chicken dance

Ever found yourself suddenly in the midst of a surreal and even hilarious experience in your MMORPG? Delightful surprises is the theme of this...