Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.1: Newfound Adventures is live today

A new road has begun.

The plot is over, the story came to a satisfying end, and Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker has wrapped up its tales… which means that it’s time to start a totally new adventure all over again, naturally. That’s the big centerpiece of today’s patch 6.1, which kicks off a new story arc for players to follow in the wake of the expansion’s promised conclusion. There are new challenges to overcome, new friends to make, and a whole lot of new things to be worried about across the world. Come on, it’s not like you expected the world to just stay saved, did you?

For players with more of a content-based mindset, there’s also a new dungeon, the new Myths of the Realm alliance raid, the new Crystalline Conflict PvP match style, and plenty of balance and mechanical changes to practice with. Add in new features like adventurer plates and new mounts, emotes, and minions, and you’ve got a pretty nice and bulky FFXIV patch. Check out the full patch notes to get caught up.

Source: Twitter
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