Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.1, Newfound Adventure, arrives on April 12

Tales of loss, and fire, and faith.

So what do you do the day after the world nearly ends? Well, inĀ Final Fantasy XIV, you dust yourself off and get on with the business of seeking out a new adventure. The game’s next patch has been announced for April 12th in today’s letter from the producer, with Naoki Yoshida showing off the game’s upcoming content including the whole patch trailer. (That’s just below, of course. We wouldn’t leave you searching for that.)

Patch 6.1 includes a new dungeon (with its name still hidden for spoiler reasons) along with the first part of the Myths of the Twelve raid, Aglaia. It also includes major changes to Dark Knight, Machinist, Ninja, and Samurai, along with new story quests and plans for new tribal quests and new custom deliveries arriving in patch 6.15 to be released a few weeks later. Catch up on the ongoing summary and translation on Twitter if you just can’t wait another moment to see what’s happening but aren’t able to watch it live.

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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