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Dead on results.

Wisdom of Nym: The best stuff from Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 that’s already in the game

Whatever we were getting back from Final Fantasy XIV version 1.0 is already in the game. Period end. And let's be honest, there was...
Coarse air.

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival London reveals: Viper, zones, and Echoes of Vana’diel

It's time for more reveals for the Final Fantasy XIV fans in the audience as the London Fan Festival has begun, and that means...

Final Fantasy XIV x KFC crossover video depicts Colonel Sanders as a Black Mage

First of all, we wish to assuage any concerns by reminding people that Final Fantasy XIV does indeed contain chickens. So this video tweeted...
I'm annoyed.

Final Fantasy XIV updates its special site for patch 6.5, Growing Light, with new details

Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV which has an unlimited free trial up to level 60? Well when patch...
Hollow Knee.

Final Fantasy XIV’s free trial will continue to expand, but don’t expect a free-to-play switch anytime soon

One of the many long-standing memes among the Final Fantasy XIV community is the one about the MMORPG's free trial, which will be expanding...
There are problems with this art, but we're going to overlook that.

Final Fantasy XIV launches its special site for patch 6.5, Growing Light

Later this month will see the announcement of when patch 6.5, Growing Light, will arrive for Final Fantasy XIV (although we know it's early...
That's ten!

Final Fantasy XIV’s next Letter from the Producer LIVE happens late this month

Final Fantasy XIV fans who are knee-deep in the anniversary festivities might have momentarily stopped thinking about the upcoming patch 6.5. But that patch...
It's a new thing.

Wisdom of Nym: Looking back at a decade of Final Fantasy XIV

When Final Fantasy XIV was first announced, I was still fairly new in my tenure at Massively, but our editor-in-chief at the time was...
TMNT reference, very clever!

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Las Vegas: What new jobs are hinted at by Yoshida’s shirt?

At this point, Final Fantasy XIV fans have spent a decade now reading a whole lot into the shirts worn by producer and director...
Complete with strong eye contact

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Las Vegas: The Live Letter starts now – watch it here

If you were hoping to get more information about Final Fantasy XIV's next expansion, Dawntrail, you had best disabuse yourself of that notion now....
It is a perfect... logo!

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival Las Vegas: Keynote takeaways, Dawntrail, and Xbox X|S

The Final Fantasy XIV fan festival is upon us yet again, and as we all expected, we now know the name of the next...
Sometimes you do a job and you gotta monetize it.

MMO Burnout: Final Fantasy XVI is a high-water mark for the franchise in every way that matters

Over the coming days, weeks, months, and likely years, we are going to watch a whole lot of fighting happen over Final Fantasy XVI....
Guess who's back. Back again.

Perfect Ten: The most regrettable MMO studio names

The name of a studio has no bearing on the game's quality. You might disagree and point to a game you were more inclined...
Another year.

Final Fantasy XIV launches its 10-year anniversary site

It's been a decade now since largely unknown producer and director Naoki Yoshida oversaw the relaunch of Final Fantasy XIV, an industry punchline at...
We have Clive at home.

Wisdom of Nym: The clues to watch for at Final Fantasy XIV’s Fan Festival

One of the things I find myself coming back to a lot is how information is only as useful as your ability to digest...
Can't keep it up.

Vague Patch Notes: Paying customers in MMOs aren’t voting shares

So let's take a tour back to the dewy slopes of 2010, when I bought the collector's edition of Final Fantasy XIV. That would...
They'll let anyone be a primal these days.

Vague Patch Notes: Why we should evaluate MMO systems based on how they break

Back before Final Fantasy XIV's reboot launched, Naoki Yoshida talked about how the developers had plans to make certain primals be world bosses. Players...
She's got a gun! I mean a scythe.

Wisdom of Nym: What happens at the end of Final Fantasy XIV’s The Dark Throne?

So here's the situation as we know it right now: Either on May 23rd or May 30th, patch 6.4, The Dark Throne will release...

Wisdom of Nym: What to expect from 2023’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival

We've still got a couple months until Final Fantasy XIV's next fan festival, but it's already in an interesting place. In one sense, this...
Itchy licking!

Final Fantasy XIV sets its next live letter for May 12

If you're not excited about Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming patch 6.4, The Dark Throne, you... are probably not playing the game, which is fine....