Black Friday sales around the MMO world, 2021 edition


Even if you’re not a Thanksgiving person or even a “harvest festival” type of soul, you can take advantage of the sales and events going on this week and weekend as MMO companies join in the Black Friday and Christmas shopping frenzy. We’re rounding up some of the best MMO sales we’ve seen this week. No it’s not exhaustive, and no these aren’t affiliate links. Treat yourself!

AdventureQuest 3D – AQ3D dropped new cosmetics!

Aion – There’s a celebration bundle as a freebie for everyone, in addition to bonus expies and a 20% off sale in the Quna shop.

Aliens Fireteam Elite – Steam has it for 30% off.

Allods Online – Yep, even Allods has sales; has a special lockbox up.

Anarchy Online – Steam has bundles 40% off.

Animal Crossing New Horizons – Looks like they sneaked in a turkey feast event on Thanksgiving.

Atlas – Now under 10 bucks on Steam.

Ark Survival Evolved – The base game isn’t on sale, but the bundle is 23% off.

Astroneer – It’s 35% off on Steam, plus a bunch of in-game items are heavily discounted.

Avorion – This is the MMO our own Chris has been playing for the most recent Choose My Adventure trip! It’s 40% off on Steam.

Black Desert – Core PC players can snap up the game and multiple bundles at deep discount. The novice edition is one dollar on the official site and on Steam. Console fans are seeing a broad discount and premium outfit box.

Blade and Soul – NCsoft put up a holiday treasure trove through December 1st.

Book of Travels – Didn’t expect to see this one on the list, but it’s 10% off on Steam.

Boundless – It’s down to $10 on Steam.

Champions Online – The whole Zen store is 20%, plus there are bonuses to buying currency bundles.

Conan Exiles – On Steam, it’s under 12 bucks.

Craftopia – 30% off on Steam.

Dark Age of Camelot – Currently in the midst of its traditional harvest festival.

Dauntless – Ramsgiving reigns through December 3rd.

DayZ – 40% off on Steam.

DC Universe Online – Daybreak has up to 50% off artifact XP packs, respec tokens, character boosters, and source marks through the 29th, and there’s even a “cyborg Monday sale” with all that plus experience perks.

Destiny 2 – Bungie is celebrating Gjallardays with sales and more.

Diablo II Resurrected – Down to $29.99

Elder Scrolls Online – ZOS has its “Black Fredas” special bundle up for 1900 crowns (valued at 8,100). The base game is down to 6 bucks! Blackwood is only $13.

Elite Dangerous – Steam has the base game under 8 bucks, with 40% off the big bundle.

Elyon – This new MMO already has 50% some items in the cash shop through December 1st. What it’s calling DLC are on sale too.

EVE Online – CCP is handing out some freebies with sub time!

EverQuest and EverQuest II – The Feast of Giving is back.

Fall Guys – Half off on Steam.

Gloria Victus – Bundles are between 30% and 62% off on Steam.

Guild Wars Classic – In the middle of Special Treats week.

Guild Wars 2 – Anet has rolling sales this week, including 20% shared inventory slots on Friday and 20% bag and bank slots on Monday. The Path of Fire bundle is also half off, and you can save 20% on gems – both starting Friday.

Lineage II – NCsoft is offering Black Knight Friday sales in the cash shop through December 1st.

Lord of the Rings Online – Make sure you grab your free questing coupon before the end of the month! LOTRO also has 85% off Minas Morgul, 60% off War of Three Peaks, and gobs more sales. Now is the time.

MapleStory – Nexon has totating sales all week and into early next week.

Neverwinter – PWE is vending Knox Boxes and cool mounts; it also put everything in the cash shop on sale for 30% off.

New World – It’s 25% off on Steam.

One Hour One Life – Half off on Steam.

Overwatch – Down to $9.99 for the basic patch and $14.99 for the legendary edition.

PlanetSide 2 – Celebrating both the holiday and its own anniversary with sale bundles tomorrow.

Project Gorgon – 25% off on Steam.

Realm of the Mad God – Expect multiple special Black Friday packs and sales every two hours (seriously).

Red Dead Online – Rockstar’s got its hands full at the moment, but there are bonus cash shop currency deals running right now.

RIFT – Shocked to say that Gamigo actually has a credit bonus sale.

Sea of Thieves – 40% off on Steam.

Secret World Legends – Bundles are 60% off on Steam.

Shroud of the Avatar – 25% of some sales items, “20% off all deed upgrade prices for the first time in over 8 months.”

Skyforge – Through November 29th, all versions of the game are offering some packs up to half off.

Star Citizen – Once again in the middle of a big free-fly event.

Star Trek Online – The entire cash shop is 25% off right now.

TERA – Console players are getting a nice freebie!

Trove – Trove, of course, is celebrating Turkeytopia with sales and a new patch too.

Valheim – $15.99 on Steam.

Warframe – Initiate packs are on sale.

Wild Terra – Steam bundles are 70% off, while the sequel is half off.

World of Warcraft – Blizzard is offering half off Shadowlands and 30% off on WoW Classic Burning Crusade upgrades.

World of Warships – Half off ship bundles on Steam.

Wurm Unlimited – $15 on Steam.

Additionally, there are way more sales on more specialized platforms – for example, Nintendo actually has a ton of stuff on sale you might want to pick up. I grabbed Splatoon 2 and Kirby Star Allies on sale for my kids.

If you spy more, feel free to share them in the comments for anybody else wandering by over the holiday; some deals won’t start until Friday, so we’ll try to keep this updated.

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