Global Chat: Moar MMO rogue servers, please!

In the MMO genre, we've been blessed with many great rogue server projects -- but there's always room for more, right? MMO Fallout's Connor...

Survival MMO Fractured Veil shows off new building pieces, outlines 2022 dev plans

Moving into the new year means that players of the survival MMO Fractured Veil will get to put together new houses, or at least...

2016 lawsuit over CS:GO skin gambling gets thrown out on a technicality

The slow, grinding gears of the legal system has finally yielded a verdict in the last of a series of CS:GO lawsuits from 2016....

The MOP Up: Vendetta Online adds 27 custom missions

Vendetta Online warped into the new year with a slew of events, more functionality for capships, and 27 additional custom-made missions. Reader Jason keyed us...
Let's just look closer and OH GOD NO

Betawatch: Zenith begins closed beta ahead of January 27 VR launch

Did you know that Zenith is in closed beta right now? Because it won't be for much longer; the game is moving into launch...

Global Chat: Does Doctor Who have a place in EVE Online?

As we crack open another edition of Global Chat, The Ancient Gaming Noob tackled the utter weirdness that is a cross-media promotion between EVE...
Not factored.

Betawatch: So we’re calling it Fractured Online now, huh?

Gosh darn it, I hate when we start calling something "whatever online" when there's no offline version to confuse it with. What's wrong with...

A look back at the MMO and gaming science topics of 2021

It's now become a long-running tradition on Massively OP to track science stories that track with online gaming and MMOs - this is our...

MassivelyOP’s complete 2021 awards debrief and annual recap

As we did in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020, today we're going to recap our annual awards and other meta articles from the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 354: Catch-up roundtable and state of the site

Justin, Bree, Tyler, and MJ discuss the 2021 MOP awards, Cryptic and PWE, Magic the Gathering Online, Fractured, Legends of Aria, Crowfall, and Book of Travels, with adventures in New World, Astroneer, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, Albion Online, Star Wars Galaxies, SWTOR, LOTRO, and Elder Scrolls Online, finishing it off with a state of the site recap.

MMO Year in Review: Endwalker, Cryptic, and Crowfall (December 2021)

The final month of 2021 didn't let up. We had some great news, such as the launch of ArcheAge under Kakao and the release...

The MOP Up: Warframe gets ready for its ‘best year yet’

High on its recent New War update, Warframe's year-end letter promised so much more coming in 2022. "We dedicated our Update 31: The New War...

The Massively OP Podcast in review, 2021 edition

It's hard to believe it, but 2021 was the year that the Massively OP Podcast surpassed the Massively Speaking Podcast that came before it...

MMO Year in Review: The Marvel MMO, $400M, and Blizzard’s decline (November 2021)

What would you say to another Marvel MMO? Hopefully yes, as Daybreak's parent company let slip in November that it's working on one -...

Global Chat: How do you deal with FOMO in MMOs?

FOMO -- or the fear of missing out -- is quite prevalent in the MMO gaming community. It's hard to resist that siren's song...
Almost tangible. Again.

Happy New Year to all the uplifting things in MMOs, 2021 edition for 2022

Every year on New Year's Eve, we collect all the reasons we can't have nice things - all the worst things that happened to...

Goodbye to all the reasons we can’t have nice things in MMOs, 2021 edition

Years ago, we started binning all our positive stories under the "warm fuzzies" tag and our uggggg stories under "this is why we can't...

MMO Year in Review: Elyon, Book of Travels, and Queue World (October 2021)

I always joke that we're not an uptime monitor, but it sure seemed as if we had to be in October as we chronicled...

MMO Year in Review: Old genre, New World (September 2021)

New World stole the fall season: It's the biggest launch the MMORPG has seen in several years, so it only made sense that people...
Are we good now? Do you love us yet?

MMO Year in Review: Bless redux (August 2021)

The Bless franchise had yet another go at the western gaming market this month as Neowiz and Round8 formally launched Bless Unleashed for PC...