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MMO Business Roundup: Activision’s Netflix lawsuit, Tolkien’s house, Roblox in China, and more

Welcome back to another quick spin through MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news! Fortnite - It doesn't look as if gaming companies are feeling too hopeful...

The Stream Team: Black Knight Friday quests in AQ3D

It's Black Knight Friday in AQ3D, and Artix Entertainments promises it's the darkest one yet! There are new quests, a new cosmetic trove, and...

The best MMO sales and events of Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2020

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are pretty different in 2020 than in past years, but the online gaming sales and events? They're eternal. Join us...

Anthem extends the Icetide Season and fixes bugs in its latest update

Why bother making new content when you can just extend what's running now? That looks to be the case for the latest update to...

SuperData says people really splashed out on gaming over Black Friday weekend

If you've been watching the downward trend of consumer spending on the games industry with growing fear over the last few months, take heart:...

Kritika:REBOOT bans hundreds of illegal trading accounts and readies a new class

Kritika:REBOOT has been on the offensive with regards to taking down illegal trading accounts, which seems to be an ongoing fight if one looks...

MassivelyOP’s 2019 MMO swag gift guide

The Black Friday is upon us! (Angels and ministers of grace defend us!) Outside there are winter storms, flu viruses, and holiday traffic. But...

The best MMO sales of Black Friday 2019 (so far)

True story, Thanksgiving is not at all my favorite holiday, but I absolutely love the online sales that follow it, especially when I don't...
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MassivelyOP’s 2019 gift guide for the PC hardware aficionado

With the holidays coming up - Black Friday chief among them! - you're surely thinking about what PC upgrades will keep you entertained through...

Netflix is making The Division movie with a new director

The Division's cinematic adaptation is picking up steam, especially now that it has a home on the popular Netflix streaming platform. Ubisoft announced recently...

SuperData says RDR2, Fortnite, and IAP propelled record Black Friday weekend sales

So, how many yachts did you guys buy for the EA and Rockstar execs over the holiday buying weekend? SuperData has a rough count:...

The Stream Team: Experience Black Friday without leaving home in Realm Royale

What could be more fitting than a few rounds of battle royale on Black Friday? And not just in the stores! Massively OP's MJ...

All the best MMO sales of Black Friday 2018

Fun fact: I live pretty far from my nearest family, so I don't have to get to go home and partake of the American...

Legends of Aria is open to all gamers to test freely this weekend

If you're struggling to find something new and MMOsy to play this holiday, maybe give Legends of Aria a go. The classic-inspired MMORPG formerly...

Star Citizen kicks off a free-fly event next week, welcoming non-backers to play over Thanksgiving

Oh yeah, you know a big holiday is coming up when every single game, even the ones deep in alpha, are cranking out demos...

Chronicles of Elyria marches forward to alpha testing

Ever take stock of things and realize that it's been a long time since you last checked in on a developing MMO? If that's...
We got it back, after all.

The Game Archaeologist: The Death of City of Heroes

August 31st, 2012, was a Friday like any other. City of Heroes players were psyched for the upcoming Issue 24, which Paragon Studios had...

Gaming industry roundup: SWBG2’s poor sales, Gambling Commission, slot machines, and parody games

Don't agree that lockboxes, lootboxes, and gambleboxes were the biggest story of the year? We've collected so many news tidbits just on that over...

The Daily Grind: Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales in MMOs this weekend?

I did a ton of shopping - all online, mind you, as I'm not so far gone as to actually put on pants or...

Conan Exiles continues work on combat overhaul and Xbox One parity with PC

On Black Friday, Funcom was working - well, it was streaming Conan Exiles, at least, which is sort of like working. The devs sit...