Valentine’s Day events around the MMORPG world, 2024 edition


If you discount all the digital gaming Valentines floating around social media this week, it’s been a quieter Valentine’s Day for MMOs this year than in past years – perhaps because so many more games are doing Lunar New Year instead. If you ask me, and you did not, that’s probably a net positive anyway as V-day always skewed a little ridiculous in MMORPGs. However, we still have a little list of Valentine’s Day events in MMOs to present to you! Happy love day, folks!

A few more that crossed our desk this week:

  • PlanetSide 2 is the subject of much drama right now, but it nevertheless patched in its Valentine’s Day event, which continues through February 28th.
  • Blessed be, Gamigo didn’t forget about RIFT: The ol’ Trion Worlds MMORPG is running a love-themed dimension and screenshot contest.
  • Wurm Online is handing out freebies starting today through February 21st!
  • Blizzard is running a Valentine’s Day sale across Battlenet. “There’s no better way to say ‘I love you’ than spending quality time felling fiends and racking up killstreaks together,” someone in the marketing department was forced to write.
  • Love Ascended is live for all ARK Survival Ascended players, with massive bonuses for harvesting, taming, experience, and breeding.
  • Gameforge’s Aion Classic’s event is on through the 28th, offering Celentine quests, buffs, and skins.
  • Project Winter released Cupid’s Chaos for survival fans.
  • Dark Age of Camelot released its V-day event yesterday; there are multiple questlines as well as a mini-event running through the 20th.
  • Second Life is celebrating with the Love Train: “On Wednesday, February 14th starting from 12:30pm PT, join Linden Lab employees and Second Life Residents on the Bellisseria Valentine’s Love Train!”
  • Riders of Icarus has launched a combination Valentine’s Day event and lunar new year event called Love and Lunar Beginning. Um, it involves roulette and dice for unknown reasons.

Let us know about any others you’ve spotted!

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