World of Warcraft begins both Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day events for 2024


World of Warcraft players have not one but two holiday events on deck this week thanks to a quirk of the calendar.

First, the lunar new year event known as the Lunar Festival actually kicked off on Saturday and runs through the 17th. Players honor their elders in this event, running ’round the world to collect Coins of Ancestry, shooting off fireworks, and defeating Omen. This event always had some of the best minipets and costumes, so if you’re subbed, it’s worth a bit of grind.

Second, the annual Valentine’s Day event, Love is in the Air, returns tomorrow on February 6th in both WoW Retail and WoW Classic, with an even longer list of quest and achievements – and a big change for people who’ve been trying and failing to get the rocket mount for years.

“We’ve heard your feedback on the frustrations with X-45 Heartbreaker’s low drop rate and feeling the pressure of having to farm the mount by cycling through as many alts as possible every day. From now on, the first Heart-Shaped Box you receive each day across your account will have a greatly increased chance to contain the X-45 Heartbreaker mount. Any subsequent Heart-Shaped Boxes you earn on your characters after the first each day will drop the mount at the previous, original rate.”

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