Lord of the Rings Online preps Update 39 testing, Dungeons & Dragons Online readies Year of the Dragon


Standing Stone Games’ weekend livestreams for both Dungeons & Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online have both come to pass, and while most of each stream’s runtime is primarily about community manager Cordovan playing each game in turn, there are some news nuggets that were dropped beforehand in each broadcast.

For DDO players, this Wednesday will mark some interesting information, as the MMORPG plans on releasing a list of the monthly “giveaways and happenings” that will be a part of the 50th anniversary of the D&D franchise. In addition, the Lamannia test server is set to bring the second part of Update 66 testing and “even a little bit of Update 67” as well; players are encouraged to keep their eyes on the associated forum for more details.

As for LOTRO, there’s more PTU news from Cordovan as the Bullroarer server will begin testing some of Update 39’s features, namely “some subset” of the update’s instances and raid, the elderslade missions for the MMORPG’s delving system, and information about epic malices.

Wednesday will also bring a “very small patch” to LOTRO that simply ends Yuletide-themed Hobbit gifts and prepares February 14th’s next legendary reward track, while the River Hobbit race will also be available as a standalone LOTRO Points purchase on that same day.

source: YouTube (1, 2)
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