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Choose My Adventure: Plumbing the challenging Delera’s Tomb in Dungeons and Dragons Online

This week's Choose My Adventure ended up being a bit more challenging than I had expected it to be. Primarily because my level five...

Dungeons and Dragons Online makes it harder to spot dangerous situations

In an MMO that has legitimately lethal traps littered around its many instances, Dungeons and Dragons Online teaches patience, situational awareness, and the wisdom...

The MOP Up: Netmarble and Take-Two finances are powered by MMOs

We have a couple more earnings reports to, er, report to you today. Netmarble's Q1 2023 financials reported $472.4M in revenue, with MMORPGs making...

One Shots: Welcome to the spider level!

Welcome, welcome, come on in, make sure that nobody's left behind. Do we have the full tour group? Good. Ladies and gents, welcome to...

The Stream Team: Playing actual Dungeons & Dragons

So what happens when Massively OP's MJ can no longer play Dungeons & Dragons Online on D&D night because something is mega wrong with...

Embracer Group (Gearbox/Cryptic) stock nose-dives after implosion of $2B business deal

Swedish corporation Embracer Group became a big name in the MMO industry a few years ago when it bought out Perfect World Entertainment's western...

Choose My Adventure: DDO’s Catacombs offer a classic taste of the MMOs storytelling

Let me start this week's Choose My Adventure on something of a tangent - a parallel one, but a tangent nonetheless. If it wasn't...

The Stream Team: Delving into the Catacombs of Dungeons and Dragons Online

MOP's Chris is hosting another CMA Live stream today, and since his selected game is Dungeons and Dragons Online, that means it's time for...

Dungeons and Dragons Online adds a scavenger hunt in its latest hardcore season

Finding a hidden surprise in newly released content is fun, but it appears that some of that fun is being spoiled for players of...

The Stream Team. Playing D&D in Neverwinter

Neverwinter is now metagaming itself! Day of the Dungeon Master has returned, and this event actually has Massively OP's MJ playing a tabletop game...

Dungeons and Dragons Online kicks off its eighth hardcore season

"Permadeath" isn't a dirty word when it's said under the right conditions. And for a while now, those conditions have been present in Dungeons...

Choose My Adventure: Sludging through the Saltmarsh of Dungeons and Dragons Online

This week's Choose My Adventure episode was all about heading to a new-to-me area in Dungeons and Dragons Online: Saltmarsh. Trust me, it would...

Dungeons and Dragons Online offers players a brief look at some rewards for its next hardcore season

The newest hardcore season for Dungeons and Dragons Online is going live on May 17th, but before then Standing Stone Games used its usual...

Global Chat: How do you play older MMOs?

It's always a challenge -- sometimes an insurmountable one -- when you jump into older MMORPGs after being conditioned by modern experiences. To help...

The Stream Team: It’s One Dame Thing After Another in DDO

The latest round of giveaway codes in Dungeons & Dragon Online unlocked new missions for Massively OP's MJ. Even if she might be a...

Dungeons and Dragons Online creates a memorial for a late developer, preps the next hardcore season

Tucked into the patch notes for Dungeons and Dragons Online's Update 59.1 this week are a few items of importance. For starters, Standing Stone Games...

Choose My Adventure: Adventuring in the Borderlands of Dungeons and Dragons Online

Now this place I remember. I'm pretty sure I've done this before for the site. Or have I done it in my off-time on...

The Stream Team: Saving the Helm’s Hold cathedral in Neverwinter

While trying to thwart the Black Earth Cultists' attempts to subjugate Helm's Hold in Neverwinter, Massively OP's MJ and her D&D night crew have...

Lord of the Rings Online activates new forums and Gwathrenost raid today

It's quite the big day for Lord of the Rings Online, starting with the release of the previously delayed Gwathrenost raid with Update 35.1.2....

Neverwinter’s RPG-in-a-RPG event starts this Thursday

One of the most unique in-game events in the MMO genre is making a return this week: Cryptic announced that it's bringing back Neverwinter's Day...